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More than simple record-keeping software, our EHR integrates with your practice and helps with compliance, prescribing, billing, and more.


Made Specifically For Clinicians

We’re your partner, not just your software vendor.

ClinicTracker was developed by clinicians and administrators, for clinicians and administrators. It combines EHR, billing, and practice management. Easily automate your clinic routines, boost staff productivity, increase billing efficiency, and manage your clinic more effectively with ClinicTracker.


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Support Staff

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A Single, Fully Integrated Solution

Your EHR should do more than take notes. Upgrade to a tool that can offer decision support, track regulatory compliance, and promote staff/patient collaboration. ClinicTracker does all that, and so much more.

ClinicTracker is a single software solution that supports and connects each of the staff members in your facility. 

Why integrate multiple programs that don’t speak with each other? ClinicTracker bundles the most effective solutions into a single program, in one secure location. Then, you can grant each person within the facility access to information critical to perform their responsibilities. With differential chart access, only those who should access specific information are allowed.

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ClinicTracker Is Updated Often with Your Feature Requests

ClinicTracker includes all the features you need to manage your agency successfully, with a high level of accountability and regulatory compliance. You can customize it down to the smallest detail of any workflow. 

Our team is always ahead of regulatory changes, which means our software is ready to meet new requirements when you are. We listen to requests from our clients by adding additional enhancements and functionality on a frequent and timely basis. Can you say the same about your current EHR software?

An EHR That Scales With You

Avoid spending time and money on the wrong EHR, or one that falls short of solving your compliance, administrative, billing, and clinical needs. Don’t be fooled by EHR programs that are too simple to adapt to your growing agency’s increasingly sophisticated workflows.

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Streamline Your Mental Health or Substance Abuse Agency

Are you using multiple software systems? Still using paper forms? Are you struggling with your EHR software because it wasn’t designed specifically for mental health or substance abuse agencies? Find out how ClinicTracker provides the ideal solution.

One System with Many Tools to Help Your Practice

Can your EHR software provide an all-encompassing, flexible infrastructure for your entire operation? Can it offer decision support? Track regulatory compliance? Promote staff collaboration? Send reports on your key performance metrics?

ClinicTracker was selected for a number of reasons. First, all of our interactions with the staff at ClinicTracker were pleasant. ClinicTracker staff was very accommodating, supplying demos for different Bridge staff members. Demos were also set up to show particular portions of ClinicTracker to specific Bridge staff (i.e. BillingTracker to billing and financials staff, clinical portions of ClinicTracker to clinical staff). There was no hard sell attitude when dealing with ClinicTracker.

Hildee Fontanella

Our people find your system easy to use. New staff learn it quickly. We all appreciate your responsiveness.

Alicia Dalton

Great customer service – very responsive team and was able to solve my issue in a timely manner.

Caitlin Piekarski

We sure do appreciate all of your help during our implementation and the first couple of months onboard with ClinicTracker. Thank you to all of your staff that has been so helpful.

Kelly Sommer

I was trained in a “physical” medicine EMR (vs an EMR geared specifically towards behavioral health) and have found working with ClinicTracker is much easier and more user-friendly. The ability to create custom forms and reports is a huge advantage for our agency.

Pam LaVerne

Excellent support. They were very timely and responsive. The best customer service online, I’ve ever seen. I am especially elated about their prompt response and attention to their customers need.

Shalena Hooper

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There’s a reason we call ClinicTracker the “Complete EHR Solution.” It is one of the most comprehensive programs available for clinic and agency operations. Don’t just take our word for it, let us show you by booking a free demonstration today!