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Deliver Quality Care Faster with our Behavioral Health EHR at Your Side

Designed to seamlessly integrate with your facility, ClinicTracker’s behavioral health EHR offers a complete solution to improve your efficiency, compliance, and profitability.


A Behavioral Health EHR to Simplify Every Facet of Your Facility

An EHR should make life easier for clinicians and administrators — and with ClinicTracker, it can. Built by clinicians and administrators, our behavioral health EHR software combines EHR, billing, and practice management into a single, fully integrated solution. Paired with an extraordinary degree of flexibility and lightning-fast support, we meet the needs of behavioral health providers in a way that other EHR software vendors can’t.


Your Team Wears Many Hats — So Does ClinicTracker’s EHR






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A Single, Fully Integrated EHR Solution

Different roles lean on different tools to help behavioral health facilities run successfully. Clinical supervisors need a medical records management system that ensures HIPAA compliance and accelerates patient intake/discharge. Support staff want a clinic appointment scheduling software that prevents double-bookings and reduces no-shows. Billers need revenue cycle management that avoids redundant data entry and maximizes revenue. Providers may want to fully outsource billing operations to a team of experts so they get paid faster while saving time and money.

ClinicTracker accounts for all these behavioral health practice needs — and so much more — in a single EHR system. 

Fine-tuned to the behavioral healthcare world, our fully-integrated behavioral health EHR allows you to grant each person in your facility access to the information and tools they need to perform daily tasks. While giving them access to only what they need for data security purposes, you’ll keep different team members connected in one convenient space.

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World-Class Support That Helps You Best Serve Your Patients

As a behavioral health EHR partner, we understand that software is only as powerful as the support behind it. We’re proud to have a knowledgeable front-line support staff that can answer your questions in minutes, not hours or days, to keep your facility running.

While this has helped us earn a 100% customer satisfaction rating, the rating is also a result of us listening to the needs of our customers. When customers share their feedback and ask for features, we take it to heart and implement upgrades frequently and in a timely manner. All the while, we stay ahead of regulatory compliance changes so our behavioral health EHR software is ready to meet new requirements when you are.

Choose a Behavioral Health EHR You Can Depend On

Buyer’s remorse is a real concern when investing in a behavioral health EHR software. With ClinicTracker, you get a comprehensive, easy-to-use EHR backed by insights and knowledge from our 23+ years of experience in the behavioral health marketplace.

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The Flexibility You Need to Suit Your Area of Specialization

Some mental health practices and substance abuse agencies rely on multiple software systems; others still rely on paper forms. With customizable features to suit a variety of specialties, ClinicTracker streamlines all aspects of running your behavioral health practice in a manner that makes sense for your operations.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

As a behavioral health EHR provider, our goal is to provide mental health and chemical dependence clinicians with a feature-rich system that is cost-effective, user-friendly, and ultimately saves you time. Feedback from our satisfied customers tells us we’ve been successful in these efforts.

ClinicTracker was selected for a number of reasons. First, all of our interactions with the staff at ClinicTracker were pleasant. ClinicTracker staff was very accommodating, supplying demos for different Bridge staff members. Demos were also set up to show particular portions of ClinicTracker to specific Bridge staff (i.e. BillingTracker to billing and financials staff, clinical portions of ClinicTracker to clinical staff). There was no hard sell attitude when dealing with ClinicTracker.

Hildee Fontanella

Our people find your system easy to use. New staff learn it quickly. We all appreciate your responsiveness.

Alicia Dalton

Great customer service – very responsive team and was able to solve my issue in a timely manner.

Caitlin Piekarski

We sure do appreciate all of your help during our implementation and the first couple of months onboard with ClinicTracker. Thank you to all of your staff that has been so helpful.

Kelly Sommer

I was trained in a “physical” medicine EMR (vs an EMR geared specifically towards behavioral health) and have found working with ClinicTracker is much easier and more user-friendly. The ability to create custom forms and reports is a huge advantage for our agency.

Pam LaVerne

Excellent support. They were very timely and responsive. The best customer service online, I’ve ever seen. I am especially elated about their prompt response and attention to their customers need.

Shalena Hooper

Experience the ClinicTracker Difference

Try the demo version of our behavioral health EHR software risk-free for 30 days and get personalized pricing for your unique needs.