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As a social worker in charge of an outpatient behavioral health service, I was in search of a user-friendly software program that would allow our team to maintain compliance with New York State regulations. I also wanted it to minimize the hassle and redundancy that are too much a part of everyday practice. We selected ClinicTracker because it seemed to offer the best chance of improving our compliance and overall efficiency.

We made a good choice. ClinicTracker has proven to be a wonderful enhancement to our outpatient mental health clinical program. The program is easy to use and modifiable to fit the needs of a particular clinical service or cohort of patients. It allows both front line workers and administrators to track and trend demographic data, therapeutic outcomes, productivity, and other indices that formerly were either impossible to monitor or would require aggregating data from difference databases. The entire team of psychiatrists, social workers, support staff, and program leadership has been very pleased with the program. And, unlike many software programs, the technical support from Joshua Gordon and his team is quick and given in lay terms that we all understand. They answer questions and solve problems effectively.