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I am pleased to write this letter of endorsement for you, your company, and your product. As you know, we began discussing the benefits of ClinicTracker over two years ago. My initial impression was that the product, while an incomparable value and extremely user friendly solution for a clinic setting, would not meet the needs of a school-based mental health practice. However, after reviewing and testing many other systems, it became clear that none offered ClinicTracker’s versatility and potential for customization.

As you know, we subsequently decided to work with you to develop a specialized version of ClinicTracker that fully meets our DMH data & billing requirements as well as the unique constellation of our clinical services. The resulting system has been extraordinarily successful. ClinicTracker’s ability to provide clinical data tracking, quality improvement resources, and business management resources with significantly reduced clerical staffing has positively impacted our bottom line. The system has also been remarkably reliable even though we require rapid retrieval of large data files from multiple locations. The ability of our staff to access data in a HIPAA compliant fashion from remote sites 24/7/365 is nothing short of amazing. Your ability to identify, select, and coordinate server hosting and billing services support in a seamless system that all of our staff has embraced is truly exceptional. You have also helped us develop and customize reports for School Based Service Delivery with prompt and cost sensitive solutions. This combined with your prompt service response commitment has resulted in a superior product delivered by a superior company headed by a singularly responsible and responsive leadership team. No one in the field does it better!