• Knowledge, customer service, full package.
    Amazing support!

    Value comes from the breadth of services in one place, responsiveness and anticipation of my needs. They've obviously done this for a while and know how to not just give me a clinical tool but also support my business model.

    Lots to learn. Not as intuitive as it could be. There is a trade-off when you pick a tool that does as much as this one does--but worth it in the end, if you want a tool to help you build for the future.

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  • I find your staff very helpful and willing to work with our ever-changing needs.

    -Jodi Barner Nageotte, Family Counseling Services, Cortland, NY
  • Always there to help ASAP!

    -Gretchen Martin, The Bridge Family Center, West Hartford, CT
  • Thank you for always resolving our issues so quickly – you guys ROCK!

    -Judy Murillo, Solutions for Life, Douglas, WY
  • Although we're just implementing ClinicTracker, our clinicans have already praised your team for being so supportive. Thank you so much for your attention to customer service.

    -Peter Sprengelmeyer, OSLC Community Programs, Eugene, OR
  • What do we like? That your technical support is world-class and that you are so willing and quick about making upgrades to the system.

    -Lisa Hoeschele, Family Counseling Services, Cortland, NY
  • Likes Best
    The people at ClinicTracker are really the best! Very honest and straightforward. They have helped us with every issue we've had, sometimes within minutes! I really like that they are extremely knowledgeable about the system and can explain anything and everything.

    Likes Least
    There is nothing I don't like about the vendor. Only issue with the product is that navigation is not smooth. It can be hard to find things, or it takes a number of clicks to get where you need to go. However, ClinicTracker is open to new suggestions, and they make changes for you! They really listen to the customer.

    We looked at a lot of systems. Do the same. Do not put stock in what the salespeople tell you about their systems. Try the system out and see if it works for you.

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  • Awesome. You guys have the best customer service anywhere.

    -Family Counseling Services, Cortland, NY
  • We are a very busy clinic. Your prompt response is always refreshing!

    -Alicia Dalton, QCI Behavioral Health, Largo, MD
  • Our staff dreaded changing over to an electronic record. They soon discovered that ClinicTracker made their work easier, not harder.

    -Frederick DuFour, Ph.D., The Family & Children's Society, Binghamton, NY
  • Great turnaround time! Knowledgeable support! A+.

    -Josh Doll, Wadle & Associates, Des Moines, IA
  • Our people find your system easy to use. New staff learn it quickly. We all appreciate your responsiveness.

    -The Healing Connection, Rochester, NY
  • I want to thank your team for your continued excellent service. You are a "breath of fresh air."

    -Bruce Buchanan, Wadle & Associates, Des Moines, IA
  • Whenever I submit a support ticket, I get a fast, competent response.

    -Tammie Hills, The Healing Connection, Rochester, NY
  • I'm consistently impressed with how quick you are to respond. Equally important is that you provide clear, easy directions that help resolve my concerns.

    -Edwin Rivera, UHS, Binghamton, NY
  • I think your customer service is fabulous - quick and on target.

    -Pat Doherty, The Bridge Family Center, West Hartford, CT

  • Just a note of thanks to you and your company for your dedication to ClinicTracker. It has been a year since the implementation of the program into our agency and I can say that it has improved our performance, quality of care, clinical oversight and so many other things. I appreciate your efforts to improve the program as you receive feedback. Most of all, I appreciate that it is affordable for small agencies like mine.

    There are many features we are still learning but that is normal with such a robust program like this. I look forward to this next year and what is to come with the changes you are making.

    Diane Genco MA, LPC
    Clinical Director/Owner/AZ Center for Change
    602-253-8488(Office) 602-253-8340 (Fax) 602-672-3524 (Cell)
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  • Our Outpatient Clinic has been using ClinicTracker for 6 months. We Love It. The entire mental health record for all our clients is on the system. The transition was fairly painless. When we did hit a snag, technical support was excellent and patient. The ClinicTracker support staff was very accommodating to customizing certain aspects of the program to meet our clinic's needs. For example, we were able to add our own treatment goals to the program using simple drop down boxes to add speed and efficiency for our therapists.

    The modules for scheduling, generating reports, and tracking compliance are all wonderful and easy to use. We can track many aspects of clinic operations for attendance, productivity, risk management, documentation, medications, caseloads, diagnoses, etc.

    Therapists and office staff have all adjusted easily to the program. Here are some of the comments they offered:

    • "It is very user friendly."

    • "At first I was wary of the program, but once I started working on the system it was easy."

    • "The program is logical in how it is organized and simple to follow."

    • "If I can understand this system, anybody can."

    As an administrator, I find the program's flexibility extremely useful. The compliance and quality assurance reports are a great asset in my efforts to manage a large outpatient clinic. I highly recommend this program!

    Kathleen Shannon, LCSW-R
    Mental Health Administrator
    The Dale Association
    89 River Rd.
    North Tonawanda, NY 14120-5713
    Email: kathleen.shannon -at- daleassociation.com

    Dale Association

  • As a social worker in charge of an outpatient behavioral health service, I was in search of a user-friendly software program that would allow our team to maintain compliance with New York State regulations. I also wanted it to minimize the hassle and redundancy that are too much a part of everyday practice. We selected ClinicTracker because it seemed to offer the best chance of improving our compliance and overall efficiency.

    We made a good choice. ClinicTracker has proven to be a wonderful enhancement to our outpatient mental health clinical program. The program is easy to use and modifiable to fit the needs of a particular clinical service or cohort of patients. It allows both front line workers and administrators to track and trend demographic data, therapeutic outcomes, productivity, and other indices that formerly were either impossible to monitor or would require aggregating data from difference databases. The entire team of psychiatrists, social workers, support staff, and program leadership has been very pleased with the program. And, unlike many software programs, the technical support from Joshua Gordon and his team is quick and given in lay terms that we all understand. They answer questions and solve problems effectively.

    Edwin S. Rivera, LCSW-R
    Outpatient Behavioral Health Services
    United Health Services
    10-42 Mitchell Ave.
    Binghamton, NY 13903
    Email: Edwin_Rivera -at- uhs.org
    Telephone: 607-762-2117
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  • I am pleased to write this letter of endorsement for you, your company, and your product. As you know, we began discussing the benefits of ClinicTracker over two years ago. My initial impression was that the product, while an incomparable value and extremely user friendly solution for a clinic setting, would not meet the needs of a school-based mental health practice. However, after reviewing and testing many other systems, it became clear that none offered ClinicTracker's versatility and potential for customization.

    As you know, we subsequently decided to work with you to develop a specialized version of ClinicTracker that fully meets our DMH data & billing requirements as well as the unique constellation of our clinical services. The resulting system has been extraordinarily successful. ClinicTracker's ability to provide clinical data tracking, quality improvement resources, and business management resources with significantly reduced clerical staffing has positively impacted our bottom line. The system has also been remarkably reliable even though we require rapid retrieval of large data files from multiple locations. The ability of our staff to access data in a HIPAA compliant fashion from remote sites 24/7/365 is nothing short of amazing. Your ability to identify, select, and coordinate server hosting and billing services support in a seamless system that all of our staff has embraced is truly exceptional. You have also helped us develop and customize reports for School Based Service Delivery with prompt and cost sensitive solutions. This combined with your prompt service response commitment has resulted in a superior product delivered by a superior company headed by a singularly responsible and responsive leadership team. No one in the field does it better!

    Owen S. Bubel Ph.D.
    Director Behavioral Health Services
    Public Charter Center for Student Support Services
    1003 K Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20001

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  • ClinicTracker's support team, especially those who respond to supportdesk@clinictracker.com tickets and requests, do so quickly, courteously, and efficiently. I realize that this is the "norm" for your team, but as relatively new CT customers, the quality of the support we get is still a [very pleasant] surprise! Thank you!

    John Karakalpakis
    Operations Manager
    Specialty Counseling and Consulting
    4025 Rawlins St
    Cheyenne, WY 82001

    Speciality Counseling and Consulting