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Implementation Process

Implementing any EHR package can be tedious because it requires users to provide information and think through how the system should work for the agency. The good news is that, with ClinicTracker, we provide you with a coordinator who will guide you through the entire process — from loading staff names and credentials to specifying the labels you want on various forms and fields. We have also developed a series of resources that take all the guesswork out of customizing the system.

Build Your Solution Together with ClinicTracker EHR Implementation Team

Dedicated Implementation Specialist

When it's time to install ClinicTracker, we assign you an Implementation Specialist who will be responsible for coordinating the software implementation from start to finish. You can be sure that competent help is close by at every point. The specialist:

  • Works with you to coordinate a detailed project plan
  • Ensures that the implementation plan is on track and resolves any deviations from the schedule
  • Conducts regularly scheduled project status meetings
  • Checks in along the way to make sure the customization is working for the agency
  • Coordinates with other JAG personnel when their input is required

Web-based Resources

The heart of our implementation system is a series of web-based courses that walk you through the process. Our customers are amazed by how much easier the courses make it to meet critical benchmarks:

  • A Welcome segment designed to familiarize you with the eLearning platform and support resources
  • A Guided Implementation module that walks you through various system components
  • Live Webinar Training sessions that allow you to ask questions and review various features
  • Resources Accessible through the User Support Portal

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As a ClinicTracker user, you will have a wide range of supplemental resources at your disposal. You can access them at any time during implementation or afterwards through a web-based user portal (training videos, search library of FAQs, release notes, user newsletters, etc.).

System setup to Go-Live has happened in as little as 26 days! We will work with you to determine an implementation schedule based on your specific requirements.