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ClinicTracker owes its remarkable functionality to years of ongoing feedback from those of you who use our software daily.

As we move forward in our development of the system, we would like to formalize that process somewhat by organizing a cadre of users who are willing to offer advice.

Toward that end, our support personnel will be asking customers who call for technical support if they want to become a member of our User Advisory Group. We’re not looking for a major commitment. We just want permission to contact you by phone or e-mail upon occasion with questions about current features and those we might develop in the future. We might ask you, “How’s the procedure for entering Progress Notes working for you?” or “What changes would you make to improve the process for entering Treatment Plans?” It’s also possible we could inquire if a new feature another customer suggested would be worthwhile in your setting.

If you are interested in joining our User Advisory Group, please click here. We would truly appreciate your participation.