ClinicTracker Community Training Series


Our ClinicTracker support team has always explored every possible way to help our users learn about the system and manage any issues that might arise. Our latest initiative is the Community Training Series – a format we've designed to make it easy for you to have regular and convenient access to our staff.

  • Got a long list of questions you've been meaning to ask about ClinicTracker or BillingTracker?
  • Have the feeling that you're not taking full advantage of all the many features our software offers?
  • Wish you had some scheduled time to ask us about how to customize the program so that it more perfectly aligns with your workflow?

Each webinar will include both a presentation on a specific topic as well as an opportunity for you to ask about whatever you wish. No matter what else is going on in your world, you’ll know that we’re regularly available to talk about what’s on your mind about our system.

Upcoming Webinars

Here's a list of upcoming topics. If you have suggestions of topics you want us to cover, click here to let us know:

Date / TimeTitleDescriptionRegistration
Thursday 6/28/18
1:30 pm ET

Claim Preparation Series - Billing Clinician Override

Sometimes you have to send a claim to an insurance company that one clinician rendered under another provider's information. Insurance companies establish rules for managing that scenario. We'll show you how to automate the process by reviewing how to:

  • Establish a new billing clinician override rule
  • Understand when an override is applied
  • Generate a test claim to verify your rule is triggered
  • View reports that will display information on both the rendering and billing provider
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Thursday 7/12/18
1:30 pm ET

Claim Preparation Series - Fee Schedules

Some payor-specific contracts stipulate service fees that might differ from what you normally charge. In this webinar, we'll show you how to configure those fee schedules so you can track what payments to expect from each payor, when reimbursements deviate from those fee schedules, and much more. In particular, we will review:

  • Setting up payor-specific fee schedules
  • Creating a test claim to see what fee schedules are applied
  • Viewing reports to see the actual amount as compared to the allowed amount
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Thursday 7/26/18
1:30 pm ET

Maximize the Benefit of Your Patient Portal Series - Patient Portal Registration

In this first session of a multi-part series on using ClinicTracker's Patient Portal, we'll start at the beginning. The session will show how a patient can arrive at your website and create an account. We will cover the following topics:

  • How to direct patients to your Patient Portal
  • How a client can register for an account
  • How a referring party or authorized representative can register a new client
  • How to be notified when a client registers for an account, and follow-up actions to take
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Thursday 8/9/18
1:30 pm ET

Maximize the Benefit of Your Patient Portal Series - Admission Packages Through the Portal

The ClinicTracker Patient Portal has many powerful features, including one that allows new clients to complete a set of forms online. Information from those forms flows directly into the ClinicTracker EHR. Your staff will have access to intake information without ever having to deal with paper forms. During this webinar, we'll show you how to create, send, and review an admission package right through your Patient Portal.

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Thursday 8/23/18
1:30 pm ET

Maximize the Benefit of Your Patient Portal Series - Collaborating on Documentation via the Portal

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Thursday 9/6/18
1:30 pm ET

Maximize the Benefit of Your Patient Portal Series - Secure Messaging

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Thursday 9/20/18
1:30 pm ET

Maximize the Benefit of Your Patient Portal Series - Booking an Appointment

  Coming Soon
Thursday 10/4/18
1:30 pm ET

Maximize the Benefit of Your Patient Portal Series - Attending Appointments Through the Portal

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