ClinicTracker Community Training Series


Our ClinicTracker support team has always explored every possible way to help our users learn about the system and manage any issues that might arise. Our latest initiative is the Community Training Series – a format we've designed to make it easy for you to have regular and convenient access to our staff.

  • Got a long list of questions you've been meaning to ask about ClinicTracker or BillingTracker?
  • Have the feeling that you're not taking full advantage of all the many features our software offers?
  • Wish you had some scheduled time to ask us about how to customize the program so that it more perfectly aligns with your workflow?

Each webinar will include both a presentation on a specific topic as well as an opportunity for you to ask about whatever you wish. No matter what else is going on in your world, you’ll know that we’re regularly available to talk about what’s on your mind about our system.

Upcoming Webinars

Here's a list of upcoming topics. If you have suggestions of topics you want us to cover, click here to let us know:


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Thursday 2/22/18
1:30 pm ET

Compliance Builder: Creating Documentation Compliance Rules For Specific Programs

The Compliance Builder is a powerful tool that lets you define and manage the routines you want your staff to follow. You can configure an array of notifications and alerts that make sure everyone is completing the right paperwork at the right time. In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Defining events that trigger compliance workflows
  • Configuring what actions must take place after a triggering event
  • Setting individual and recurring compliance requirements
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Thursday 3/8/18
1:30 pm ET

Compliance Builder for Clinicians: Completing and Managing Compliance Items

Along with Form Builder and Report Builder, the Compliance Builder is designed to help you customize ClinicTracker. This feature lets you implement and oversee all your workflows. In this webinar, we will discuss how clinicians interact with the compliance module, specifically how to:

  • List compliance due dates
  • Access the forms to complete
  • Complete a compliance item
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