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5 Ways To Streamline Your Behavioral Health Billing

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If time is money, you must make every process related to managing revenue as efficient as possible, from the moment you set appointments until payments arrive. Effective revenue management means you get paid as much and as quickly as possible. Because mental health and substance abuse agencies face unusually complex billing and reporting requirements, streamlining operations is especially important.

ClinicTracker Launches Bundle for Small Mental Health and Substance Abuse Agencies

ClinicTracker Small Practice Bundle

ClinicTracker introduces a Small Practice Bundle that fully addresses the needs small practices have for an EHR and Practice Management system. By including expert Billing Services, it even solves the thorny problem of managing the revenue stream. Providers can focus on patient care instead of handling insurance claim rejections and other billing headaches.

ClinicTracker EHR Partners with Change Healthcare to Seamlessly Integrate Lab and Ancillary Services

Change Healthcare Partnership

ClinicTracker, a mental health and substance abuse EHR, has collaborated with Change Healthcare, one of the largest, independent healthcare technology companies in the United States. The ClinicTracker lab integration allows agencies open access to more than 600 labs across the country. It will facilitate smoother interactions between providers and labs when processing lab orders, viewing automated results, and creating reports within ClinicTracker.

Effects of Coordinated Care on Mental Health EHRs


The promises of coordinated care are simple: better quality of care, improved patient outcomes and cost savings. In the words of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), coordinated care “involves deliberately organizing patient care activities and sharing information among all of the participants concerned with a patient’s care to achieve safer and more effective care.”

Lab Orders and Results

ClinicTracker has collaborated with Change Healthcare to add an intuitive lab order capability within our EHR system. This new feature enables agencies to create and send orders, then automatically receive results from the lab, monitoring the status along the way. Regardless of which laboratory or ancillary service provider your agency needs to order from, you will have the ability to track those orders by status and receive all the commensurate results in a way that seamlessly integrates with ClinicTracker.

Change Healthcare’s Clinical Network already integrates with over 600 labs across the country. If your lab is in-network, integrating orders and results into ClinicTracker is a very simple process. For out-of-network labs, Change Healthcare will work to build connectivity and incorporate them into their growing network.

Features of Change Healthcare Lab Orders and Results

Change Healthcare Clinical Network Orders and Results quickly connects laboratories and ancillary services to the provider offices they serve, producing clean orders, quick results, and satisfied clinicians. Results and reports are delivered back to provider offices, streamlining workflow and reducing manual effort. Clinical Network solutions have been designed to work within existing infrastructure to reduce potential financial and operational risks. Change Healthcare electronically delivers more than 50 million results and clinical reports, and over 13 million orders per year on their Clinical Network. Features include:

  • Automated results routing into ClinicTracker
  • Easy to use ordering solution
  • Lab results are made available to the patient via the patient portal
  • Integrated rules ensure the order is sent correctly the first time
  • Online directory of services available from participating service providers
  • AutoPrint automated printing available

Benefits of Lab Orders and Results

Improve Efficiency

Laboratory or other ancillary service providers have their clinical and business rules integrated into your ordering process, making orders immediately ready for processing and billing upon receipt.

Reduce Call Backs

Getting the order right the first time eliminates phone calls to your office to gather needed clinical or financial information often missing in a paper-based process.

Streamlined Workflow

The Clinical Network provides the ability to place orders electronically and delivers results within the system and workflow you are already accustomed to. That increases your office staff’s efficiency and leverages the patient-centric record you have already invested in.

Drive Outcomes

Regardless of which laboratory or ancillary service provider you need to order from, you’ll have the ability to track those orders by status and receive all the commensurate results in a way that seamlessly integrates with ClinicTracker. Change Healthcare Clinical Network can deliver all the results cohesively in your existing ClinicTracker EHR workflow to allow you to manage patient outcomes based on data from all your diagnostic providers.

About Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare is one of the largest, independent healthcare technology companies in the United States. Working alongside our customers and partners, we enable better patient care, choice, and outcomes at scale. As a new company, Change Healthcare has increased capabilities for innovation, investment, and customer service. We provide software and analytics, network solutions and technology-enabled services. Through our broad portfolio of solutions, Change Healthcare is able to serve the needs of multiple stakeholders in the healthcare system, including commercial and governmental payers, employers, hospitals, physicians and other providers, laboratories and consumers.

Collections Service

Collecting healthcare bad debt has always been a challenge. That’s why ClinicTracker EHR and Transworld Systems (TSI) have teamed up to streamline the process and improve your bottom line. Users can access TSI’s proprietary collections platform directly from our EHR. The integration lets practices identify, select, and electronically transfer delinquent patient accounts to TSI for collections.

Benefits of ClinicTracker/TSI Integration

  • Forward bad debt claims with a few clicks
  • Expedite the payment process
  • Lower internal costs
  • Increase cash flow for revenue cycle management
  • Maintain positive patient relationships

Contact us now to start using a more productive collections process.

TSI is a leader in healthcare collections. Its solutions are secured and strengthened by continued investments in three major fields: compliance, data analytics, and technology. These investments serve to increase their operational efficiency and our clients’ ROI, but also protect our clients’ brands and reputations.

Over nearly 50 years, TSI has developed an expertise in collecting for the healthcare industry. “We pride ourselves on our engagement of patients, which includes using a sympathetic and diplomatic approach in our communications to help maintain the relationships you worked so hard to create,” says Scott from TSI.

Why use TSI for mental health and substance abuse debt collection?

Diplomatic. TSI understands that you need your money collected, but they are also committed to treating your patients with respect and dignity. You can rest assured that TSI will work appropriately with your clients.

Compliant. TSI’s Compliance Management System is woven into every fiber of its operations. The strategy minimizes risk, prevents violations, and ensures compliance with federal and state consumer protection laws.

Information Security. TSI is committed to maintaining the highest standards of cyber security. Both providers and clients can be confident that the company uses the latest technology available to safeguard private data.

Effective. TSI uses cutting-edge predictive analytics models that allows them to dynamically forecast how likely a person is to make a payment on debt. Targeting accounts based on likelihood to pay yields the best results.

Collections Considerations

Here are some pointers to help you evaluate your current collections process:

  • Are you asking your collections agency the right questions?
  • What steps are they following to make sure you stay compliant and your data stays secure?
  • How are they utilizing technology to maximize your recoveries?

Collections Facts

Read these staggering facts related to healthcare collections:

  • Healthcare providers recover less than 9% of every dollar of bad debt borne out of high deductible health plans.
  • Regulatory tides are constantly shifting. HHS’s Office for Civil Rights is becoming more aggressive in enforcing HIPAA regulations.
  • The digital world in which we live and work is a dangerous one. In 2016 alone, the average data breach cost $4 million.

About TSI

TSI is a market-leading provider of accounts receivable management and student loan servicing solutions. TSI's global operations are powered by proprietary algorithms and a best-in-class compliance management system. Their clients include Fortune 100 corporations, national and regional healthcare providers, financial institutions, state and federal government organizations, educational institutions, and small and medium-sized businesses.

eClinicalWorks Meaningful Use Lawsuit Makes It Easier For Mental Health Agencies To Switch To ClinicTracker EHR

EClinicalWorks Meaningful Use Lawsuit

In a momentous legal settlement, eClinicalWorks (eCW) was fined for lying to customers about its electronic health record software being Meaningful Use certified. Investigators also found that eCW was unlawfully paying influential customers a total of $392,000 in kickbacks for recommending their products to prospective customers. Even more accusations were uncovered when Brendan Delaney, a new customer in the process of implementing their EHR, indicated several software issues that put patient safety at risk. Among other things, eCW failed to sufficiently test their software and correct urgent software bugs before release.

How to Increase Productivity and Staff Retention: EHR Efficiency Plugins

EHR Productivity Features

Even without the uncertainty about the future of the country’s healthcare delivery system, behavioral health and substance abuse providers face significant challenges. Demand for services is up, thanks to the devastating opioid addiction epidemic and rising suicide rates. At the same time, the population of practicing psychiatrists declined by 10 percent between 2003 and 2013, and 55 percent of U.S. counties have no psychiatrists at all.

The EHR Features Clinic Staff Use Most Frequently: A Modest Research Study

Top Mental Health EHR Features

Many electronic health record systems tout a vast array of features – automatic call reminders, billing, scheduling, form generators, paperwork templates, scanning, and just about anything that addresses customers’ needs. Our system, ClinicTracker, offers so many features that we’ve often shied away from listing them all, fearing that we might overwhelm prospective users. Simplicity has a certain initial appeal, even though complex capabilities inevitably prove essential for tailoring an EHR to an agency’s specific requirements.

What To Expect From Your EHR Vendor

Selecting an EHR VendorBefore 2000, nine out of 10 U.S. doctors updated their patients’ records by hand and maintained paper files with demographics and treatment notes. In the last decade, though, physicians – motivated by mandates and hoping to improve patient outcomes and their bottom line – have increasingly embraced EHRs. As of 2015, 87% of office-based physicians had adopted some form of EHR; that’s up from 42% in 2008. By this March, 67% of all providers (office-based or otherwise) reported using an EHR. Responding to the growing need, at least 1,100 vendors offer an EHR.

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