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ClinicTracker EHRs Workflow Builder Solves Paperwork Completion Dilemma for Mental Health Agencies


ClinicTracker announces a game-changing innovation to help providers manage overwhelming agency routines and workflows.

Administrators and providers of mental health agencies lose sleep worrying that the next day will bring an unannounced visit from regulators checking for noncompliance and fraud. Failing such a visit can be profoundly disruptive, expensive, and embarrassing.

How to Select a Mental Health EHR for Large Agencies

choosing a mental health ehr for large agencies

Since 2008, the number of office-based physicians using EHRs has more than doubled, from 42% to 87%. Even as healthcare workers grow increasingly accustomed to technology guiding their workflows, practices that provide mental health or substance abuse services still face unique challenges in finding EHRs that offer features designed for their complex billing arrangements and reporting requirements.

ClinicTracker EHR Develops Intuitive Practice Management Tool: Performance Measurement Reports

Performance Measurement

ClinicTracker, the EHR of choice for mental health and substance abuse agencies, introduces an exciting new practice management tool called Performance Measurement Reports. Administrators no longer must remember to check on the health of their operations, as the software automatically emails reports that indicate whether pre-selected parameters fall within or outside established comfort zones. It’s a way for managers to enhance accountability, maximize business performance, improve financial control, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. Automated emails serve as a built-in warning system that alerts the administrator when metrics they are tracking go above or below acceptable limits. Of course, administrators can also access those same reports on demand and based on data in real time.

ClinicTracker EHR Announces New Built-in Telehealth Service for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Agencies

telehealth service

ClinicTracker announces their new Telehealth Service that gives providers a convenient method for interacting with patients remotely using an internet-connected desktop, laptop, or other mobile device equipped with a webcam. ClinicTracker makes it simple to set up appointments, conduct sessions, access recordings, and keep records – all within ClinicTracker’s user-friendly environment.

MACRA Promotes Telehealth for Providing Healthcare Services


The latest development in the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) includes good news for healthcare practices that offer telehealth – the use of telecommunications technology to provide health services. When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued its 1,653-page final rule on Nov. 2, its list of ways healthcare practices can be reimbursed for leveraging information technology now includes new payment options for telehealth.

Workflow Builder

Along with Form Builder and Report Builder, the Workflow Builder is designed to help you customize ClinicTracker. Imagine being able to tell the software exactly what should happen when someone calls for an intake, or has been a patient in the clinic for 90 days, or has been admitted to one of your subspecialty programs, or is about to be discharged. With Workflow Builder, you can implement and track routines for everything that transpires during the course of a patient’s treatment.

Nobody has to guess what paperwork is due, which forms they should complete, or who is responsible for documenting clinical events. You write all the rules into ClinicTracker using the Workflow Builder and the system orchestrates the rest. Supervisors or QA/UR staff can always monitor the extent to which staff are in compliance with the requirements you’ve established.

Workflow Builder: How does it work?

Let's say that you want the system to implement these four rules:

  1. Alert the clinician assigned to the case that an initial treatment plan is due 30 days after the switch from intake to patient (and send a reminder in case it’s not completed 5 days before the due date)
  2. Advise the intake clinician to complete an admission summary within 14 days of the switch from intake to patient (and that an additional reminder should go out 2 days prior)
  3. Notify any member of the front-desk staff that the billing sheet (a form you created using Form Builder) is due within 2 days
  4. Direct your billing staff to call the insurance company to obtain an authorization

Compliance Builder Example

Those four rules, along with the Trigger Event (in this case marking the intake as a patient), comprise a Ruleset that establishes a workflow for what happens when a patient is admitted. You would work toward establishing a series of Rulesets based on other Trigger Events that might arise. Maybe the next Ruleset to create would address what should unfold if a patient is injured at your office, or if a patient is discharged. Workflow Builder helps you encode workflows for every essential function of your agency.

Once you’ve instructed ClinicTracker what rules to follow when it detects a Trigger Event, the system stands ready to implement the workflow. It issues Workflow Items for the staff to complete. In our example, it will send the notifications at different “warning intervals" to the provider, the intake clinician, the front-desk staff, and the billing department. It becomes the responsibility of these recipients to complete those Workflow Items on time.

Kno2 Provides Path to Interoperability for ClinicTracker Behavioral Health Clients

Kn02 partnership image

Kno2®, the company that provides Interoperability as a Service™ (IaaS) to everyone in healthcare and ClinicTracker, a mental health and substance abuse electronic health record (EHR), today announced a partnership agreement. Kno2's IaaS provides an immediate path to interoperability, enabling the electronic exchange of patient information between ClinicTracker's behavioral health agencies and other healthcare providers throughout the continuum.

How Much Is Your Mental Health Agency Leaking Money?


If you live in a part of the world that experiences cold weather, it’s time to winterize your home. Close all the windows tightly, wrap pipes with insulation, add weather-stripping or caulk to doors. As our frugal elders would say, “There’s no sense spending good money to heat the outdoors.”

A similar concern applies to behavioral healthcare agencies; if you work hard to run an effective and efficient practice, you don’t want to lose profits by leaking money. The complex billing requirements of mental health and substance abuse agencies create many opportunities for even the best-intentioned practices to spring leaks that cost you productivity and profits.


ehr telehealth service

Telehealth has become a major force in behavioral healthcare. But few EHRs are equipped to handle the special challenges of scheduling appointments across time zones, integrating videoconferencing functionality, and meeting verification requirements.

Our EHR has a built-in telehealth service for mental health and substance abuse agencies. It gives you a ready-made method for interacting with your patients remotely using an internet-connected desktop, laptop, or other mobile device equipped with a webcam. We make it simple to set up telepsychiatry/telemedicine appointments, conduct sessions, access recordings, and keep records — all using the standard
ClinicTracker interface you’ve come to know so well.

Contact us about using your Telehealth Service!

Plenty of Scheduling Options

  • Schedule across time zones based on both clinician and patient locations
  • Configure services, locations, and event types to generate telehealth visits automatically
  • Schedule telehealth visits using the same scheduling system staff already uses for other types of appointments
  • Allow patients to view and access scheduled sessions from within the Patient Portal

 Keep Patient Records Current

  • Automatically stores all video/audio recordings within the cloud, not on your computer
  • Access all recordings within the patient’s ClinicTracker record

 See More Patients

  • Expand your market by offering telehealth services
  • The telehealth platform accommodates single and group sessions

Stay Compliant

  • Telehealth appointments are HIPAA compliant

Flexible Usage

  • Conduct unlimited telehealth sessions with each channel you configure

Performance Measurement Reports

PMR Email

Welcome to Performance Measurement Reports – an exciting new practice management tool from ClinicTracker. We designed it as an effortless way for administrators to keep close tabs on their operations. You tell ClinicTracker what metrics you want to follow, and the system automatically emails you a complete report on whatever schedule you select. It’s a built-in warning system that keeps an eye on your business at all times—and you don’t have to lift a finger.

  • Receive automated emails that report on whether the metrics you selected have fallen outside your acceptable range
  • Choose which days of the week you'd like the software to email reports
  • View, sort, and graph data within ClinicTracker
  • Print or export charts in standard formats

Benefits of Performance Measurement Reports

Drive Business Performance

  • Keep an eye on the flow of intakes, admissions, and discharges
  • Track the number of active intakes and patient sessions per day
  • Monitor kept vs. missed appointments

Keep Operations Healthy

  • Oversee your agency’s status even when you’re busy managing other responsibilities
  • Be proactive, not reactive, in making critical business decisions

Improve Financial Control

  • Monitor the number of unbilled appointments
  • Keep patient and insurer credit balances in check
  • Make sure your staff is paying attention to applied payments and adjustments from patients/insurers

Stay Compliant

  • Keep up with compliance workflow items, such as unsigned or missing progress notes
  • Always be prepared for regulatory inspections
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