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6 Ways Patient-Centered Technology Can Grow Your Mental Health Practice

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Steady advances in technology have simplified our lives to a degree most of us could never have imagined only a few years ago. From our smartphones we can accomplish any number of tasks that used to require us to travel to a store or office, stand in line, and interact with someone else. Now you can tap a few buttons to deposit checks or pay bills online. Many restaurants let you order and pay for your food over the web. Need a ride somewhere? Use a ride-sharing app and a driver will pick you up in no time.

Developing an Integrated Digital Strategy for Behavior Health Agencies

marketing has moved on has your hospital

Klaas Schilder, M.A.
Michael Gordon, Ph.D.

The world of behavioral health is steadily following the rest of the marketplace in promoting and transacting its services via the web. The signs of that trend are everywhere: the growing acceptance of telepsychiatry, the proliferation of websites that offer screening services for mental health disorders, and the vast number of digital platforms or portals that provide referral information or appointment registration.

How to Overcome the Unique Challenges of Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Billing

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Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) offers hope for clients with severe and persistent mental illness, especially those who have not responded well to other treatments. ACT’s team-based, interdisciplinary approach may include medical treatment as well as vocational assistance, rehabilitation, family education, life skills training, and community support. The goal is to provide a bundle of coordinated services that fully address a patient’s wide-ranging needs.

Billing Service Enrollment

Struggling to manage claims processing and patient billing? Confused by intricate mental health, Workers Comp, or substance abuse billing requirements? Thinking about outsourcing the entire mess?

ClinicTracker’s Billing Service for mental health and substance abuse agencies could be the answer to your billing woes. We'll save you time, money, and all the hassle involved in submitting claims and chasing reimbursement. Our service makes this chronic administrative headache fade away. We have the expertise and software to make it happen – and smoothly.

Ready to get started? To learn more or enroll in billing service, contact us with the form below.

Why Choose Billing Service by ClinicTracker?


  • 30 years in behavioral health billing
  • Specialization in behavioral health billing and its many complexities and nuances


  • Constant access to your clinic's financial data
  • Ability for real-time status reviews of all your claims
  • On-demand creation of any reports you need


Because we work with your team and keep you in the loop, you’ll receive:

  • Weekly reports that break down key performance indicators, financial data, and action items
  • Check-in calls to discuss open action items and any concerns that arise
  • Fast support response (usually under 30 minutes)

Managing Group Therapy Programs: A Special Challenge for your EHR

Group Therapy Blog

Managing group therapy appointments requires an EHR that understands all the nuances involved in running these kinds of interventions. While it’s certainly efficient for one provider to see more than one client at a time, those benefits can fall off quickly if your EHR isn’t smart about how to schedule, chart, bill, and track group activities.

Free Vs. Paid EHRs: Critical Factors You Should Consider

free ehr vs paid ehr

Whether you’re looking to create graphics, organize data, or manage projects, chances are there’s someone who will offer a free app that claims to do the trick. Some companies even tout introductory apps for functions as complicated as those required to run a behavioral health agency. Although the prospect of not having to pay for software is always alluring, you will find that most of these apps would fail to provide you what you need both in terms of features and support. In our view, you should be aware of the following:

Warning: You May Be Committing Mental Health Billing Fraud

mental health billing fraud

A suburban Chicago doctor was indicted last month, accused of filing nearly $1 million in fraudulent health insurance claims. From 2008 to 2013, the doctor allegedly used some patients’ names without their knowledge and submitted claims for scans that were never performed, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. In one case, the doctor allegedly fabricated a seven-page medical record for a follow-up exam during an office visit in which the doctor only refilled a prescription.

How To Bill For Telehealth Services and Get Reimbursed

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Telehealth–the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients through telecommunications technology–can offer important benefits to both providers and patients. Some research, for example, suggests that the practice helps eliminate stigma and, therefore, make it more comfortable for clients to seek services. Of course, it can also substantially improve access to care, especially in remote areas.

19 Ways to Encourage Patients to Use the Patient Portal

patient portal

When clients visit any healthcare provider, they must complete multiple forms, usually stacked on a clipboard. The task of filling out those sheets is often even more challenging and time-consuming for visits to mental health and substance abuse treatment centers because they ask for more extensive information. And staff have to enter all that information by hand into an electronic system. It’s a time drain for all involved.

ClinicTracker EHRs Workflow Builder Solves Paperwork Completion Dilemma for Mental Health Agencies


ClinicTracker announces a game-changing innovation to help providers manage overwhelming agency routines and workflows.

Administrators and providers of mental health agencies lose sleep worrying that the next day will bring an unannounced visit from regulators checking for noncompliance and fraud. Failing such a visit can be profoundly disruptive, expensive, and embarrassing.

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