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JAG Partners with GatewayEDI

We have partnered with GatewayEDI to offer an online verification service that authenticates insurance coverage and confirms the validity of a patient's insurance instantly.

For more information about how this flexible utility can benefit your practice, please read our Product Brief.

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ClinicTracker owes its remarkable functionality to years of ongoing feedback from those of you who use our software daily. 

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More Information on EHR Incentive Programs

CMS has posted some more useful information regardIng the Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs. Please visit CMS website to learn more about Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs and then use the CMS tool to View Your EHR Participation Timeline.

ClinicTracker Receives Surescripts 2012 White Coat of Quality Award

ClinicTracker Surescripts White Coat of Quality 2012April 18, 2013 – Syracuse, NY – ClinicTracker, a leading provider of electronic health records software (EHR) to the mental health and substance abuse community, today announced that it has received the Surescripts White Coat of Quality Award for 2012.  The White Coat of Quality Award is Surescript’s highest recognition for software providers that uphold strict standards for clinical quality and best practices in e-prescribing.


  • Thank you for always resolving our issues so quickly – you guys ROCK!

    -Judy Murillo, Solutions for Life, Douglas, WY
  • Our people find your system easy to use. New staff learn it quickly. We all appreciate your responsiveness.

    -The Healing Connection, Rochester, NY
  • I find your staff very helpful and willing to work with our ever-changing needs.

    -Jodi Barner Nageotte, Family Counseling Services, Cortland, NY
  • I think your customer service is fabulous - quick and on target.

    -Pat Doherty, The Bridge Family Center, West Hartford, CT
  • I'm consistently impressed with how quick you are to respond. Equally important is that you provide clear, easy directions that help resolve my concerns.

    -Edwin Rivera, UHS, Binghamton, NY
  • Always there to help ASAP!

    -Gretchen Martin, The Bridge Family Center, West Hartford, CT
  • I want to thank your team for your continued excellent service. You are a "breath of fresh air."

    -Bruce Buchanan, Wadle & Associates, Des Moines, IA
  • Awesome. You guys have the best customer service anywhere.

    -Family Counseling Services, Cortland, NY
  • Knowledge, customer service, full package.
    Amazing support!

    Value comes from the breadth of services in one place, responsiveness and anticipation of my needs. They've obviously done this for a while and know how to not just give me a clinical tool but also support my business model.

    Lots to learn. Not as intuitive as it could be. There is a trade-off when you pick a tool that does as much as this one does--but worth it in the end, if you want a tool to help you build for the future.

    stars four half

  • Our staff dreaded changing over to an electronic record. They soon discovered that ClinicTracker made their work easier, not harder.

    -Frederick DuFour, Ph.D., The Family & Children's Society, Binghamton, NY
  • Likes Best
    The people at ClinicTracker are really the best! Very honest and straightforward. They have helped us with every issue we've had, sometimes within minutes! I really like that they are extremely knowledgeable about the system and can explain anything and everything.

    Likes Least
    There is nothing I don't like about the vendor. Only issue with the product is that navigation is not smooth. It can be hard to find things, or it takes a number of clicks to get where you need to go. However, ClinicTracker is open to new suggestions, and they make changes for you! They really listen to the customer.

    We looked at a lot of systems. Do the same. Do not put stock in what the salespeople tell you about their systems. Try the system out and see if it works for you.

    stars four

  • Great turnaround time! Knowledgeable support! A+.

    -Josh Doll, Wadle & Associates, Des Moines, IA
  • Whenever I submit a support ticket, I get a fast, competent response.

    -Tammie Hills, The Healing Connection, Rochester, NY
  • Although we're just implementing ClinicTracker, our clinicans have already praised your team for being so supportive. Thank you so much for your attention to customer service.

    -Peter Sprengelmeyer, OSLC Community Programs, Eugene, OR
  • What do we like? That your technical support is world-class and that you are so willing and quick about making upgrades to the system.

    -Lisa Hoeschele, Family Counseling Services, Cortland, NY
  • We are a very busy clinic. Your prompt response is always refreshing!

    -Alicia Dalton, QCI Behavioral Health, Largo, MD

Referral Incentive Program

ClinicTracker fundraising referral programWant an easy way to raise funds for your agency?

  • Provide us contact information for agencies you think might benefit from using ClinicTracker
  • Communicate to those agencies why you think ClinicTracker would represent a good investment
  • Sit back and let our sales specialists handle the rest

The Details:

  • For every referral you provide that results in a completed sale, you will earn a referral fee of as much as $3,500
  • Apply your funds towards software licensing, future services, or receive direct payment
  • There is no limit to how much you can raise for your agency
  • You do not need to be an existing ClinicTracker customer to participate in this program



Customer Support

Real-time ratings of the last 100 tickets from our support portal:

From the outset we have focused on providing our customers with fast and competent support. We know that your use of our application is mission critical – any interruptions, loss of data, or errors are intolerable. So we have a support system that is designed to put you completely at ease. You are guaranteed:

  • Contact with a support person knowledgeable in the intricacies of ClinicTracker (no tier 1, tier 2, etc.)
  • Answers within minutes (the national average for other software support response is 23 hours)
  • Direct access to a highly-trained staff solely dedicated to supporting ClinicTracker
  • Live interactive training sessions, a library of self-service videos, and user guides
  • Searchable online resources and FAQs regarding common issues

Integrated Support

We're so intent on engineering efficiencies at every turn, we designed the software so it can let our support team know precisely where in the system you have a question or problem. A button click sends us a message with a record identifier we can use to reference the area of the system and patient you are working with. You don't need to write out the identifying information in an email or during a phone call. ClinicTracker handles it all for you.

Frequent Updates

You should know that we developed ClinicTracker so that it is easy to update. You often wouldn't even know we upgraded you to a new version if we didn't post a notification. The simplicity of our update process means we can improve the system whenever it makes sense. You won’t have to wait months for improvements and bug fixes. We typically release a new version of the system every week. Each one contains the latest changes based on your feedback or ideas we might have had for enhancing the system.  The benefit to you is that changes are available much more quickly than normal. Program enhancements are also easier for your staff to absorb because they arrive in small batches, not in massive revisions or service packs.

Because of our devotion to responsive support, our customers have awarded us a 100% satisfaction rating (compared to a national average of 86%).

Don't just take our word for it, view our customer testimonials from users who have direct experience with our track record of responsive and competent support.

Eligible Professionals Need an Individual Medicaid Provider ID Number

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I realize that most of the state Medicaid Offices do not require that a rendering provider have their own individual Medicaid ID number in order to provide services at your agency.

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