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JAG Introduces Insurance Eligibility Verification Service

Authenticating insurance coverage and checking eligibility are routine but tedious elements of your billing workflow. We now have an online verification service that automates the entire process for you. Because the system is fully integrated with the ClinicTracker Demographic form, your staff can quickly confirm the validity of a patient’s insurance while completing the intake process or prior to a scheduled appointment. You will receive an answer in just seconds. Registering for this service is simple with a nominal per transaction fee.

For more information about how this flexible utility can benefit your practice, read our Product Brief.  

Reduce "No Shows" with the Automated Appointment Reminder Call Service

Our new Automated Appointment Reminder Call Service will help eliminate the burden of making appointment reminder calls and will increase your billed revenue by reducing your no show rate. Because the system is fully integrated with ClinicTracker Connect, the system's scheduler automatically generates a call list and calls are made with no additional effort on the part of your staff. Patients can confirm, cancel, or reschedule an appointment from their phone or through the web-based Patient Portal. This service makes it simple to track and fill canceled or missed appointments in real-time.

To learn about the Automated Appointment Reminder Call Service, view our Product Brief or Online Video.  

Custom Form Builder Makes Going Paperless Simple

Every day ClinicTracker Connect delivers efficiency and value to your agency by providing pre-stored Mental Health and Substance Abuse paperwork templates that will handle most of your needs. But you may also want to retain some of your specialized forms in their current format. In response to this, we created a module that makes it easy to convert those paper forms to digital versions -- all on your own. The Custom Form Builder utility allows you to:

  1. Replicate any paper document in a digital format.
  2. Link any form to the patient record for instant access and data tracking.
  3. Create your own drop down lists, check boxes, list boxes, text fields, and more.
  4. Capture staff and patient signatures.
  5. Print any form you create.
  6. Enhance your ClinicTracker investment because it is easy to add forms in support of new programs and services.

Like all ClinicTracker features, the Custom Form Builder is easy to implement and simple to use. Combined with our eForms and signature capture utility, it will eliminate the daily paper chase, save you money, and put you in control of all your agency's data gathering.

To learn about the Custom Form Builder, view our Product Brief or Online Video.

JAG Selects VisTablet for Signature Capture Tablet Partnership

JAG is happy to announce its new partnership with VisTablet to provide a light-weight mouse pad with a familiar pen device to capture and bind electronic signatures to digital files.

Visit the VisTablet website to learn more.

JAG Partners with TransFirst

JAG Products is pleased to announce that we have partnered with TransFirst to offer a service for processing credit card charges directly though ClinicTracker. TransFirst is one of the nation's leading providers of payment processing services with some of the chief experts in the payment processing industry on their staff.

JAG Partners with GatewayEDI

We have partnered with GatewayEDI to offer an online verification service that authenticates insurance coverage and confirms the validity of a patient's insurance instantly.

For more information about how this flexible utility can benefit your practice, please read our Product Brief.

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ClinicTracker owes its remarkable functionality to years of ongoing feedback from those of you who use our software daily. 

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More Information on EHR Incentive Programs

CMS has posted some more useful information regardIng the Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs. Please visit CMS website to learn more about Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs and then use the CMS tool to View Your EHR Participation Timeline.

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