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Customizable Workflows

ClinicTracker goes way beyond just making it easy for you to digitize your paper forms. Its flexible design also means that you can tie documents together into a well-ordered workflow. Just tell the system which forms should be completed for which patients and by which dates. By embedding forms into a document tracking system, you can monitor compliance and send alerts if paperwork is not completed on time. Our solution eliminates all of the guesswork and saves a tremendous amount of effort training new staff.

ClinicTracker customizable workflows to fit how your mental health agency works.

Fit Your EMR to How Your Agency Works 

One of the hidden benefits of implementing a computerized clinic management system is that it forces your managers to think through exactly how they want the clinic to work. What forms do patients complete on the first visit? Which ones should the clinician complete on that visit, and how often do they need to revise those documents to comply with regulations? How do we handle release of information forms and then make sure we collect new versions once they expire? What's the easiest way to ensure that clinicians address goals and objectives within the progress notes?

ClinicTracker is in a class by itself when it comes to adapting to your workflows. If certain forms are not already configured to your liking, you can use the Custom Form Builder to create or adapt them. Then take it one step further by linking the new form to a built-in or custom form using navigation links or by referencing data from one form in another. You can also build compliance alerts based on the new form. The Form Builder enables you to include navigation links, automatic data calculations, flags for overdue items, and much more. You can even select information you would like displayed in the ClinicTracker Quick-View Pane every time you access a patient's record.

Streamline Workflows with the Custom Form Builder

  • Create your own forms (both staff and patient related versions)
  • Modify existing forms, re-order sections to reflect your business processes, and hide sections that you're not using
  • Include section headers, labels, drop-down lists, check boxes, list boxes, date-pickers, multi-line text boxes, and more
  • Capture an unlimited number of signatures, with managed workflow for signature requests
  • Collect external documents (e.g., Word, PDF, etc.)
  • Use formulas to populate fields and set font/background colors
  • Reference fields from one custom form in another (e.g., reference Treatment Plan Goals in your Progress Notes)

Monitor Workflows with the Custom Report Builder

  • Create customized output for any form (stock or custom) to match your layout requirements
  • Design reports based on any data in the system
  • Format the elements of the report with a palette of fonts and colors
  • Create complex formulas based on multiple data fields
  • Export any of the reports in the system into Excel, PDF, CSV, HTML, or ASCII Text formats

Need something special to support state-specific requirements or other regulatory requirements? To streamline that process, we've added many state reporting utilities to the system. Our software currently offers data capture and automated reporting tools according to specifications issued by Illinois, Georgia, Wyoming, and Oregon.

ClinicTracker Mobile

Because many of our customers work with consumers outside of the office, they need a mobile connection to client records. We partnered with Canvas to provide ClinicTracker Mobile.

ClinicTracker Mobile Powered by CanvasExtended Mobile Reach

With this technology you can enter and view ClinicTracker Connect data at any location using your mobile devices. ClinicTracker Mobile provides customized templates that capture, track, document, and integrate information using a Smart Phone, PDA, netbook, tablet, or notebook. You can even complete paperwork when you're offline! We can also develop new custom templates for you to record any type of service you provide and connect them to your EHR.

  • Fully-integrated to ClinicTracker EHR: View patient appointment history, medication history, and demographic information instantly
  • Record appointments in the field or anywhere you have cell phone service
  • Work offline and upload responses when coverage becomes available
  • Record detailed appointment information and Progress Notes
  • Built-in patient signature capture
  • Custom application templates built to your requirements
  • Works with iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry (Standard/Storm), Windows Mobile, and Windows Netbooks

Countless Applications

If outreach staff leave the office for a visit, they can still enter clinical information simply by opening the ClinicTracker Connect application on a mobile device. Using drop-down menus, check boxes, and text fields, they can enter the required information securely and even capture client signatures. It's an ideal solution for: 

  • Home care visits
  • Community-based support
  • Tracking pick-up/drop-offs for clients who require transportation
  • Jail system visits
  • Out-of-office interviews
  • Client signature capture for proof of service delivery
  • Record service details
  • Writing Progress Notes
  • Patient information look-up
  • Viewing a client's schedule
  • Providing services in areas where you don't want to bring a computer

Abundant Benefits

ClinicTracker Mobile eliminates costly paper forms and surveys. It transforms them into do-it-yourself Business Apps for your Smart Phone, PDA, netbook, tablet, or notebook. The method is powerful because it lets you:

  • Record services wherever they take place
  • Enter data on small devices via drop-down menus and check boxes
  • Capture client signatures
  • Work in offline mode when coverage is unavailable
  • Use HIPAA-compliant security procedures
  • View patient appointment history, medication history, and demographic information instantly through full integration with ClinicTracker Connect EHR


For more information about our offering on Canvas, click here.

Click here for a full list of supported devices

Digital Signature Capture

ClinicTracker's eForms module lets you create templated documents that you can use to collect client input and digital signatures. It is most useful if you have standard forms you want clients to read and sign. By using signature tablets offered by Topaz Systems, patients can now sign paperwork digitally with a method that is efficient, secure, and reliable. You can now become a truly paperless clinic.

eForm Creation

With the eForms module, you can:

  • Recreate your paper forms quickly and easily
  • Identify sections of the document that require patient response (e.g., allergies, comments, and medical history)
  • Format documents as rich text (e.g., color, font, and alignment)
  • Collect up to four signatures on the document
  • Lock documents after they have been signed (prevents tampering and ensures that signatures remain valid and legally binding)
  • Create groups of forms to be completed at one time

eForm Completion

When administering your personalized eForms, you can:

  • Choose from any of the eForms or groups of forms
  • Collect client responses for fill-in fields
  • Review the completed documentation on screen
  • Capture patient signature, and up to three others, using mouse or signature tablet
  • Store transaction information automatically and permanently in the client record, tagged with security and time stamp information 

Multiple Uses for eForms

The eForms module can recreate and replace any paper document in your office, including forms for:

  • Release of Information
  • Treatment Adherence Policy
  • HIPAA Consent
  • Financial Agreements

Outcome Measures

Using rating scales to evaluate symptoms, impairment, and treatment response has become the standard of care. But usually it is too complicated to administer and score test instruments. With the ClinicTracker Testing Wizard, you can simplify the entire process.

 Easy Configuration

  • Create and edit tests with an uncomplicated interface
  • Develop on-screen instructions
  • Select question formats (true/false, multiple choice, ranges)
  • Create subscales for scoring purposes
  • Generate an unlimited number of questions, set up a scoring system, and arrange the order of questions

Streamlined Administration

  • Staff can administer tests or patients can respond directly on your office computer
  • One click of the mouse moves you from any patient record to test administration
  • Pre-stored reporting makes presenting test results simple and compelling
  • Tests are automatically scored as they are completed
  • Test profiles include: Total scores, subscale scores, and performance by patient groups

Integrated Test Analysis

  • Fully-integrated with the rest of the client's file in ClinicTracker
  • Import rating scale data into existing forms or even custom forms you develop
  • Generate complete response analysis or summaries of totals and subscores
  • Track trends over time

Built-In Outcome Measures

Even though you can build any measure you want, ClinicTracker starts you off with a library of pre-stored scales, including:

  • PHQ-9
  • Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale
  • AIMS (Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale)
  • CRAUD (Clinician Rating of Alcohol Use Disorder)
  • DALI (Dartmouth Assessment of Lifestyle Inventory
  • And more...

Clinical Records Management

Clinical Benefits

ClinicTracker offers intake-to-discharge control over operations, streamlines clinic functions, guarantees regulatory compliance, and enhances accountability. ClinicTracker automates patient information input, tracks case progress, guides paperwork completion, and generates a broad range of clinic statistics. With ClinicTracker, you won’t need to worry about extensive training, gradual implementation, or staff resistance. 

  • Fit your EHR to how your clinic works with customizable workflows
  • Enable easy recording of intake and demographic information
  • Log all appointments and collateral activities to create a complete treatment history
  • Simplify charting of group appointments and notes for enhanced productivity
  • Document Progress Notes, Treatment Plans, admissions, discharges, and more
  • Manage medications and prescriptions with a Surescripts-certified ePrescribing system
  • Maintain regulatory compliance with alerts delivered via an integrated messaging system
  • Capture doctors' order for labs, vitals, allergies, and general medical information
  • Allow instant access to any aspect of a patient's record, all fully secured

Practice Management

You will find ClinicTracker in a class by itself when it comes to ease of installation and daily operation. The program requires little maintenance because it was developed for environments with limited (or no) IT resources. Your agency will be up and running on ClinicTracker quickly. The program’s clever design and functionality will promote itself to staff. Administrators and training directors will also flock to ClinicTracker because it will give them unparalleled access to practice and caseload information. Powerful customization tools will enable you to tailor much of the program on your own without requiring outside support. If you do require assistance, you will find our support staff available, responsive, and skilled. 

Designed for the specific challenges of mental health/chemical dependence agencies, ClinicTracker will:

  • Eliminate the need to store, manage, and secure paper records
  • Effectively manage staff certifications and renewal dates
  • Improve overall office staff efficiency
  • Process automated insurance eligibility verifications to allow access to information without the need for phone calls and waiting on hold
  • Provide an automated appointment reminder service to reduce your no-show rate
  • Manage multiple schedules, locations, and patients at one time
  • Include both pre-stored and customizable reports to ensure quick answers to any question about your agency or patient population
  • Create any form template you need for patient or internal use
  • Come with an incredibly responsive and knowledgeable support staff
  • Offer a valuable Return On Investment, typically within the first 12 months

Ease of Use

At the heart of ClinicTracker’s success is an interface methodology that is so intuitive and user-friendly that it will require little training for even the most computer-challenged staff. Keep in mind that psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinic administrators who had no patience for extra keystrokes or unwieldy procedures developed this program to make clinic life easier, not more difficult. The program is fast, efficient, self-guiding, and inherently appealing to users because it saves them time and effort. Because this clinic management software has been "battle tested" over fifteen years of daily clinical operations, new users can rest assured that the program will function as promised, while offering:

  • Multiple navigation methods accommodate varying staff preferences
  • A Staff Dashboard that provides a snapshot of today's priorities
  • A Patient Dashboard that centralizes all patient information in a single screen
  • An Executive Dashboard that enables instant analysis of key agency metrics
  • Comprehensive manuals, quick-start guides, training videos, and intelligent problem reporting system assist when questions arise


We understand that securing your Electronic Health Records is about more than simply safeguarding data. It's about protecting the people you serve. We help you preserve the privacy and security of each client's chart and other Protected Health Information (PHI) by:

  • Controlling Access: Only authorized people in designated roles have access to relevant patient records (what, in HIPAA parlance, is termed the "Minimum Necessary Requirement")
  • Instituting Multiple Safeguards: Password protection, idle timeouts, automatic logouts, and secure server access 
  • EHR Caretaking: Daily backups ensure that you don't lose patient information due to technical glitches or user error

Controlled Access

The HIPAA Privacy Rule dictates that access to patients' protected health information should be reasonably limited to the minimum number of people necessary to accomplish your intended purpose (learn more). ClinicTracker offers many ways for you to limit your staff members' access to various parts of the EHR. You can also configure which users can see which patient records. Some examples of how you can use ClinicTracker's security features are:

  • Restrict a staff member who works in Location A from accessing patient records in Location B
  • Allow an administrative assistant to enter demographic information, but only view progress notes
  • Give permission for a compliance officer to view documentation, but not make changes
  • Confine access to the records of staff who participate in an Employee Assistance Program
  • Preclude a particular clinician from viewing  information about patients on someone else's caseload


The HIPAA Security Rule requires each covered entity to maintain reasonable and appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for protecting electronic protected health information (learn more). ClinicTracker helps you meet these requirements by providing you with the ability to:

  • Specify individual user system access and edit permissions
  • Limit patient record access in a variety of ways
  • Require a password at each log in
  • Specify your password complexity, age, and history requirements
  • Lock users out of the EHR after a number of incorrect password entries or after a number of days of inactivity
  • Review audit logs to see a history of who has viewed, saved, exported, printed, or deleted a patient record

EHR Caretaking

Loss of patient information is simply unacceptable. We protect your agency's information by running daily maintenance routines and creating nightly backups. If you access ClinicTracker from our Hosting Service, we completely manage backup retention and offsite storage for you. If your software is installed locally, you are only responsible for ensuring that the nightly backups are securely stored to an off-site location.


How We're Different

You've been tasked with identifying a Behavioral Health EHR that suits your agency's needs. It’s an intimidating decision that involves choosing among a bewildering array of products. We're talking about large sums of money, countless claims, and the ever-present fear that a bad choice could have disastrous consequences.

Unfortunately, buyer's remorse has become an all too common experience for many administrators who have purchased EHRs. Once it comes time to start using those systems, they discover that the software just doesn’t work as advertised. And even if the EHR manages some tasks satisfactorily, it doesn't handle them efficiently and in a way that truly matches the agency’s workflow. For example, we’ve heard that managers are unable to:

  • Configure the system to meet HIPAA rules that require organizations to limit access to patient information (sometimes called chart segmentation or differential file access)
  • Avail themselves of sophisticated, pre-stored templates specifically designed for behavioral health/chemical dependency
  • Work with a program that integrates billing functions, a patient portal, appointment reminder call services, and external hardware such as signature tablets
  • Get the package to provide an accurate accounting of revenues across statements, reports, and on-screen displays
  • Rely on a US-based support team that understands their work environment and clientele
  • Implement a system that is so intuitive that staff have little problem adopting it

Why Choose ClinicTracker?

Think about it. Your best bet is to choose a behavioral health EHR program that has proven itself time and time again. No over-the-top promises, no phantom features, no hidden costs. Just a battle-tested solution that has performed flawlessly over the long haul in a broad range of environments. And it continuously evolves to meet new specifications and demands.

With more than seventeen years of experience in the behavioral healthcare marketplace supporting installations across the country, we have the expertise to help you successfully implement ClinicTracker for your agency. More than anything, you’ll succeed with ClinicTracker because a remarkable team of software engineers, support professionals, and clinicians supports it. When you need help, you get help. Period.

Adding new services and programs? Concerned about future program changes and regulatory compliance? We've got you covered with our built-in Compliance module. Customization is simple with our Custom Form Builder and Custom Report Builder. Anytime you need to adjust a form or a report, you can make that change without needing our help.

ClinicTracker Others
Knowledgeable front-line support staff that are empowered with the tools to address your questions quickly and properly Tiered levels of support
Support responses in minutes Support responses in hours or days
Software updates nearly every week, based on customer feedback and new feature additions Updates once a month, quarter, or year
Choose the deployment methodology that works for you: Cloud, or locally installed. Install on individual workstations or a centralized server Only cloud deployment
Created by a clinician/clinic administrator (supported by talented programmers) Created by programmers
Product direction determined completely by end-user requests and User Advisory Board feedback Product direction determined by a board of directors
Certified for Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Meaningful Use, enabling you to receive significant government incentives Lacking certifications
ICD-10 and DSM-5 Ready NOW Working on upgrading, waiting for final conversion dates to be established

The Advantages of a Hybrid System

ClinicTracker is a Windows-based solution you can install within your own network or access via our hosting service. However you configure the software, you can access it remotely with a PC, netbook, notebook, tablet, iPad, or Mac. And ClinicTracker integrates key components that are entirely web-based, making our hybrid solution ideal. We use the best combination of components to get the job done.

Because ClinicTracker runs in a desktop environment, it boasts many advantages over web-only applications. Most of those benefits stem from the superior set of tools our programmers can use to make the software do what you need it to do – quickly, securely, and reliably. Here are examples of what our software offers that purely web-based versions cannot match:

  • Efficient navigation between areas of the system and parts of the patient chart
  • Superior interface with external devices like scanners and signature tablets
  • Ability to have multiple forms open simultaneously
  • Fast movement from tab to tab
  • Preloading data to speed up access

Here's what you don’t have to worry about with desktop applications:

  • Unavailable web connections that prevent system access
  • Compatibility with multiple browser types
  • Unreliable internet connections that can result in lost data
  • Requirements for browser upgrades
  • Hacking that imperils your clinical data
  • Waiting for slow pages to load

You should also understand that some of ClinicTracker's components are indeed web-based and integrate with web-services:

  • ePrescribing
  • Patient Portal
  • Staff Portal
  • ClinicTracker Mobile
  • Appointment Reminder Calls
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Lab Integration

More focused functionality, customization you control, more behavioral healthcare experience, unparalleled support. That's what makes ClinicTracker different.

Job Openings

Join Our Team

With ClinicTracker's amazing success, our company has been growing steadily. Located in Syracuse, NY, our culture promotes collaboration, creative thinking, a tight-knit team environment, and a relaxed atmosphere. We enjoy big company results within a small company setting because we minimize bureaucracy/silos and maximize teamwork.

We are looking for bright, energetic, and resourceful people to join our lively and dedicated team. Work for us and you’ll learn, grow, and enjoy along the way.

You can download a job application here. Send the completed version to us at:

Compensation / Benefits

  • Competitive Salary
  • 401k with Generous Company Match
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program

Current Job Postings

Senior SQL Server Developer

Job Description:

We are looking for experienced MS SQL Server Developers who can collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features while simultaneously improving existing functionality.

Candidate should also be able to fix reported bugs and work towards improving application performance, as well as continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

Job Summary:
  • Design and script database tables to store the application data
  • Write queries used for front-end applications (websites, desktop applications, or cloud apps) and ensure that they perform at optimal speeds
  • Perform functions - retrieve, add, edit, and delete database data
  • Create stored procedures, views, and functions.
  • Data modelling to visualize database structure
  • Working with application developers to create optimized queries
  • Create database triggers for automation
  • Create table indexes to improve database performance.
  • Review query performance and optimize code
  • Modify existing views, procedures, functions, and code to change the functionality of those objects depending upon client requirements
  • Hands on experience in Exception Handling and Troubleshooting
  • Develop the tables, provide constraints, indexes, and grants, sequences, cursors, stored procedures and functions to implement in the product
Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Identifying the optimized structure and designing database objects per client requirements
  • Database Indexing
  • Writing complex queries on SQL platform per the defined logic
  • Creating Functions, Procedures, Views per the requirement
  • hands on experience in Exception Handling and Troubleshooting
  • Maintaining a large database with proper maintenance routines
  • 2-4 years as a SQL developer preferred

Software Engineer

Primary Responsibilities

  • Participate in all aspects of the development process – from designing specifications to deployment
  • Create new functionality as required
  • Incorporate customer feedback and adjust software in a timely manner
  • Knowledge and Skill Requirements

  • Expert in Visual Basic (.NET)
  • Database design experience working with MS SQL Server in a development role
  • Basic database administration / query-tuning skills
  • Experience with Crystal Reports
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery
  • Experience using web services / 3rd-Party Integrations

Training and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent relevant work experience
  • Technical experience in a Windows environment
  • Previous software customer support experience preferred
  • Technical certifications and/or equivalent training preferred
  • Some background in EMR, behavioral healthcare, or medical billing preferred

Software Sales Account Executive

We have had a record year for new sales of our ClinicTracker behavioral healthcare EHR and practice management software. Because we want to expand our presence in the growing behavioral healthcare marketplace, we are looking for another software salesperson located in Central New York.

ClinicTracker is regarded as one of the leading solutions in the behavioral healthcare software market. With installations around the country in numerous mental health and substance abuse agencies, we continue to deliver outstanding solutions to help our clients manage their agencies more efficiently.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Build a sales pipeline through prospecting efforts and responding to website leads
  • Deliver prospect demonstrations and presentations via phone and video conferencing
  • Develop and negotiate prospect proposals and contracts for both SaaS and Purchase pricing models
  • Communicate all activities via in-house CRM system
  • Work with the Director of Sales to develop a geographic territory

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or relevant work experience
  • 2+ years direct sales experience in solution sales
  • SaaS software sales experience a plus
  • Experience with complex sales scenarios
  • Strong verbal and writing skills

Client Success Representative

Job Description

JAG Products markets a software solution named ClinicTracker to mental health and substance abuse treatment programs nationwide. The software generates an electronic medical record and a host of clinic management tools. Working in a close-knit team environment, your responsibility will be to make sure customers always have the information and support they need to make the most of their experience with our software. As such, the employee’s prime responsibilities will be to facilitate support services and look for opportunities to offer additional training as a way of addressing recurrent support issues. You will therefore use your skills to develop strong customer relationships and foster a 360-degree support strategy. You will further use your technical and communications skills to help manage incoming tier two support tickets and phone calls. You will provide relief and assistance to other departments as necessary.

Primary Responsibilities
  • Conduct regular Client Health Checks as a way of monitoring progress
  • Proactively suggest to customers training and additional features they might need to enhance their use of the system
  • Analyze monthly support ticket statistics to identify customers who might benefit from further training/support activities
  • Provide tier two ticket and phone support as needed for assigned clients
  • Ensure that clients understand how software updates might impact workflows
  • Supply ongoing support ticket updates and follow up on escalated tickets
Secondary Responsibilities
  • Create and update customer reference material
  • Provide end-user training as necessary
  • Coordinate and manage ticket escalations with other departments as necessary
  • Other duties as assigned
Knowledge and Skill Requirements
  • Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills 
  • Effective interpersonal and professional communication skills both orally and in writing 
  • Strong time management and organizational skills  
  • Ability to understand and articulate technical concepts and solutions through oral and written mean
Training and Experience
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent relevant work experience
  • Technical experience in a Windows environment
  • Experience with software testing preferred
  • Previous software customer support experience preferred
  • Technical certifications and/or equivalent training preferred
  • Experience supporting enterprise software preferred
  • Some background in EMR, behavioral healthcare, or medical billing preferred
Additional Information

    Work Location:

  • Initially at company office to learn the program and procedures
  • Eventually can be at least partially off-site
  • Work Hours:

  • Generally 9am-5pm (although schedule can be very flexible)
  • Start Time: Immediately

Second-Level Support Representative / Implementation Liaison

Primary Responsibilities

  • Handle incoming support tickets
  • Coordinate and manage ticket escalations
  • Assist in the process of implementing software for new customers
  • Document each step of the implementation process
  • Review upcoming software updates to uncover bugs
  • Identify and communicate software enhancement opportunities

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

  • Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills
  • Effective interpersonal and professional communication skills both orally and in writing
  • Ability to understand and articulate technical concepts and solutions through oral and written means

Training and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent relevant work experience
  • Technical experience in a Windows environment
  • Experience with software testing preferred
  • Previous software customer support experience preferred
  • Technical certifications and/or equivalent training preferred
  • Experience supporting enterprise software preferred
  • Some background in EMR, behavioral healthcare, or medical billing preferred

First-Level Support Representative

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide first response to all incoming tickets and web chats
  • Supply ongoing regular updates and follow up on open/pending tickets
  • Coordinate and manage ticket escalations with other departments as necessary
  • Identify and organize tickets and tasks according to priority
  • Maintain knowledge base and support documentation

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Create and update customer reference material
  • Review upcoming software updates and provide feedback prior to release
  • Provide end user training as necessary
  • Other duties as assigned

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

  • Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills
  • Effective interpersonal and professional communication skills both orally and in writing
  • Strong time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to understand and articulate technical concepts and solutions through oral and written means

Training and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent relevant work experience
  • Technical experience in a Windows environment
  • Previous software customer support experience preferred
  • Technical certifications and/or equivalent training preferred
  • Experience supporting enterprise software preferred
  • Some background in EMR, behavioral healthcare, or medical billing preferred

Implementation Process

Implementing any EHR package can be tedious because it requires users to provide information and think through how the system should work for the agency. The good news is that, with ClinicTracker, we provide you with a coordinator who will guide you through the entire process — from loading staff names and credentials to specifying the labels you want on various forms and fields. We have also developed a series of resources that take all the guesswork out of customizing the system.

Build Your Solution Together with ClinicTracker EHR Implementation Team

Dedicated Implementation Specialist

When it's time to install ClinicTracker, we assign you an Implementation Specialist who will be responsible for coordinating the software implementation from start to finish. You can be sure that competent help is close by at every point. The specialist:

  • Works with you to coordinate a detailed project plan
  • Ensures that the implementation plan is on track and resolves any deviations from the schedule
  • Conducts regularly scheduled project status meetings
  • Checks in along the way to make sure the customization is working for the agency
  • Coordinates with other JAG personnel when their input is required

Web-based Resources

The heart of our implementation system is a series of web-based courses that walk you through the process. Our customers are amazed by how much easier the courses make it to meet critical benchmarks:

  • A Welcome segment designed to familiarize you with the eLearning platform and support resources
  • A Guided Implementation module that walks you through various system components
  • Live Webinar Training sessions that allow you to ask questions and review various features
  • Resources Accessible through the User Support Portal

View/Download Our EHR Buyer's Guide

As a ClinicTracker user, you will have a wide range of supplemental resources at your disposal. You can access them at any time during implementation or afterwards through a web-based user portal (training videos, search library of FAQs, release notes, user newsletters, etc.).

System setup to Go-Live has happened in as little as 26 days! We will work with you to determine an implementation schedule based on your specific requirements.

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