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Automated Appointment Reminders

ClinicTracker Connect offers a service that automatically reminds your patients about scheduled appointments by phone and/or text message. Fully integrated with the Scheduler, the system generates reminder messages without requiring any effort on the part of your staff. Patients can confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointments by the single press of a phone button or through the ClinicTracker Patient Portal. This service makes viewing and responding to each reminder simple and efficient.

Increase Revenue and Efficiency

With Automated Appointment Reminders, your staff can increase office productivity by:

  • Reducing the no-show rate
  • Tracking canceled appointments in real-time
  • Filling canceled or missed appointments more quickly
  • Spending more time on important communications that can't be automated
  • Ensuring patients do not forget to attend or reschedule their appointments
  • Adding a personal touch by reaching out to your patients

Generating Reminder Messages

This messaging service reminds patients either by phone, SMS, or both based on parameters you pre-configure. For example, you can set how many days prior to an appointment you want the patient notified. You can also tell the system the time of day you want it to begin and end sending messages. Once one of your staff adds a new appointment to the Scheduler, the automated service generates a list of patients to contact. At the appropriate time, it communicates with the patient about the upcoming appointment. For the phone option, the system will leave a message if no one answers. You also have the option of placing calls or sending an SMS manually. Patients can opt to be placed on a Do-Not-Contact list, or you can create specific groups or event types that never generate a reminder.

Integration with the Patient Portal

One of the many benefits of ClinicTracker Connect is that all patient information is integrated throughout the system. We've taken the next step by incorporating Automated Appointment Reminders into our Patient Portal. Now patients can go online to confirm, cancel, or request a new appointment time. It's another way that we’re helping you improve patients' experience with your office.

Pricing and Setup

Implementing this feature only requires that your staff view a brief training video. And the service is inexpensive - just a small monthly charge based on the number of reminder messages that you place. In most instances, it can pay for itself by eliminating even one no-show. Your practice will become more efficient because it frees your office staff to spend more time on patient retention and acquisition.

Signature Routing

ClinicTracker Connect eases the process of reviewing and countersigning documentation. If you need a supervisor's signature on a form you've completed, simply click a button that sends a link and optional message. The supervisor will see the notification in the messaging system, click the link to review the paperwork, sign off, and press another button to send you an acknowledgment notification.

No more passing around a paper file, leaving notes in a supervisor’s mailbox, or wondering what happened to a report you've written. All that hassle goes away with ClinicTracker's signature routing system. And so does worrying about whether all the forms that require signatures will pass regulatory scrutiny.

Unified Messaging System

ClinicTracker hosts its own internal messaging system that allows users to send information, links, and signature requests securely to individuals, pre-defined user groups, or the entire agency.

Secure Internal Communication

Gone are the roadblocks that so often interfere with staff communicating, exchanging patient data, and working together. Regardless of their work location, staff can share information and communicate freely. These interactions are highly secure because they are completely contained within your network. The message board also integrates reminders, ePrescribing notifications, and compliance alerts into a unified messaging center.

Improved Teamwork

Use these features to improve collaboration and accountability:

  • Staff Assignment Notifications
  • Scheduling Notifications
  • Paperwork Signature Requests
  • Hyperlinks, internal file links, and paperwork links
  • Ease the process of reviewing and countersigning documentation with Signature Routing

Effortless Collaboration

With its centralized file of patient records, sophisticated alert system, and numerous messaging tools, ClinicTracker fosters collaboration throughout your organization. In addition to the email-like features offered through the message board, staff also have access to real-time communication via ClinicChat, the ability to communicate directly with clients through the Patient Portal Messaging features, and the capacity to send and receive secure Direct messages through an encrypted external messaging system. 

Report Builder

The ClinicTracker Report Builder gives you complete control over the content and design of a report - without a programmer's assistance.

Enhance Your Agency's Reporting Ability

Although ClinicTracker boasts hundreds of pre-defined reports, at times you'll want to design one to your exact specifications. With other systems, your only option is to make do with the available options, or hire programmers to design a report as part of a costly development project. Now anyone can create and customize a report in minutes. Build reports based on current templates that come with ClinicTracker or any forms created with our Custom Form Builder utility.

With Report Builder You Can:

  1. Select the type of information to display (e.g., appointment information, intake information, payment history)
  2. Identify and label the data fields for presentation
  3. Format the elements of the report by using a palette of fonts, colors, and more
  4. Access advanced options for:
    • Selection Expert: Filter for only the data you want displayed
    • Run-Time Parameters: Allow for customization of the report at the moment when it is run, allowing for on-demand manipulation of the data
    • Sorting: Order the report based on requirements
    • Sub-Reports: Capture complex relationships between related entities
    • Grouping: Group by an unlimited number of elements to produce summary information
    • Formula Builder: Create complex formulas based on any data element in the system
    • Report Auto-Formatting: One-click feature to produce clean and consistent report layout
    • Running Totals: A summary operation that is continually adjusted to take account of items as they are added
  5. Store the report in one of several categories, such as Patient, Administrative, Staff, or Maintenance
  6. Choose who has permission to view the reports you create
  7. Distribute clinic-wide or staff-specific versions of reports
  8. Access and view the report as you would any other ClinicTracker report
  9. Export reports into formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, and CSV files

Report Builder gives you instant answers to any question you have about your agency.

Custom Form Builder

Creating forms and progress notes exactly the way you need them is a necessity for many mental health and substance abuse agencies. Relying on programmers to digitize your paper forms and progress notes is time consuming. Pre-stored templates don’t always gather the information you need. Those problems are now a thing of the past thanks to ClinicTracker's Custom Form Builder that lets you customize forms and progress notes on your own. We can also help you with them.

Simple Transition to Paperless

Managing paper forms and therapy notes is a headache for everyone in your clinic. They are cumbersome to update, file, track, secure, mail, and audit. But the thought of converting dozens of forms and therapy notes into a digital format is enough to intimidate anyone who is considering purchase of an electronic health record system. 

The Custom Form Builder makes the changeover to an EHR pain-free. If you have forms and progress notes set up different from those in ClinicTracker's inventory of templates, you can easily use the Custom Form Builder to create digital versions that capture whatever patient or program information you need. You can even embed a custom form in existing pre-stored forms and include digital signatures from clients and staff. 

Customized Forms are more than meets the eye in ClinicTracker.



Form Builder Lets You:

  • Replicate any paper document in a digital format
  • Modify progress note templates, or make one completely from scratch
  • Create templated documents that you can use to collect client input and digital signatures
  • Link any form to the Patient record for instant access and data tracking
  • Simplify form development by allowing you to modify existing system templates
  • Create your own drop-down lists, check boxes, list boxes, text fields, date-pickers, and more
  • Capture multiple staff and patient signatures
  • Print any form you create with a built-in Word integration
  • Access and store created forms as you would any other form in the system
  • Enhance your ClinicTracker investment by adding customized forms to support any new program or service
  • Embed navigation links to related forms
  • Reference data from other areas of the system

Return on Investment

This comprehensive tool delivers value to your agency because it:

  • Eliminates the cost and hassle of paper forms and progress notes
  • Makes searching for and misfiling paper case folders a thing of the past
  • Minimizes security concerns around accessing client information
  • Maximizes efficiency by including all data collection forms in one system
  • Streamlines workflows by creating linked forms
  • Simplifies the transition to paperless records by using templates that are familiar to your staff
  • Cuts data entry time by loading information from one form to another
  • Easily access historical records
  • Automatically load and update a patient's latest diagnosis

Improved Data Collection and Reporting

Not only does the Custom Form Builder improve efficiency while collecting data, it is also fully integrated with the ClinicTracker Custom Report Builder to deliver instant analysis of any data you've captured with your custom forms. It's as simple as selecting the fields you want to display and placing them on the reporting canvas. You can run ad-hoc reports, or save them for future access by any of your staff, through ClinicTracker Connect's Standard Reporting module. It's another way that ClinicTracker Connect helps solve your form and report issues with easy to use utilities.

Customizable Workflows

ClinicTracker goes way beyond just making it easy for you to digitize your paper forms. Its flexible design also means that you can tie documents together into a well-ordered workflow. Just tell the system which forms should be completed for which patients and by which dates. By embedding forms into a document tracking system, you can monitor compliance and send alerts if paperwork is not completed on time. Our solution eliminates all of the guesswork and saves a tremendous amount of effort training new staff.

ClinicTracker customizable workflows to fit how your mental health agency works.

Fit Your EMR to How Your Agency Works 

One of the hidden benefits of implementing a computerized clinic management system is that it forces your managers to think through exactly how they want the clinic to work. What forms do patients complete on the first visit? Which ones should the clinician complete on that visit, and how often do they need to revise those documents to comply with regulations? How do we handle release of information forms and then make sure we collect new versions once they expire? What's the easiest way to ensure that clinicians address goals and objectives within the progress notes?

ClinicTracker is in a class by itself when it comes to adapting to your workflows. If certain forms are not already configured to your liking, you can use the Custom Form Builder to create or adapt them. Then take it one step further by linking the new form to a built-in or custom form using navigation links or by referencing data from one form in another. You can also build compliance alerts based on the new form. The Form Builder enables you to include navigation links, automatic data calculations, flags for overdue items, and much more. You can even select information you would like displayed in the ClinicTracker Quick-View Pane every time you access a patient's record.

Streamline Workflows with the Custom Form Builder

  • Create your own forms (both staff and patient related versions)
  • Modify existing forms, re-order sections to reflect your business processes, and hide sections that you're not using
  • Include section headers, labels, drop-down lists, check boxes, list boxes, date-pickers, multi-line text boxes, and more
  • Capture an unlimited number of signatures, with managed workflow for signature requests
  • Collect external documents (e.g., Word, PDF, etc.)
  • Use formulas to populate fields and set font/background colors
  • Reference fields from one custom form in another (e.g., reference Treatment Plan Goals in your Progress Notes)

Monitor Workflows with the Custom Report Builder

  • Create customized output for any form (stock or custom) to match your layout requirements
  • Design reports based on any data in the system
  • Format the elements of the report with a palette of fonts and colors
  • Create complex formulas based on multiple data fields
  • Export any of the reports in the system into Excel, PDF, CSV, HTML, or ASCII Text formats

Need something special to support state-specific requirements or other regulatory requirements? To streamline that process, we've added many state reporting utilities to the system. Our software currently offers data capture and automated reporting tools according to specifications issued by Illinois, Georgia, Wyoming, and Oregon.

ClinicTracker Mobile

Because many of our customers work with consumers outside of the office, they need a mobile connection to client records. We partnered with Canvas to provide ClinicTracker Mobile.

ClinicTracker Mobile Powered by CanvasExtended Mobile Reach

With this technology you can enter and view ClinicTracker Connect data at any location using your mobile devices. ClinicTracker Mobile provides customized templates that capture, track, document, and integrate information using a Smart Phone, PDA, netbook, tablet, or notebook. You can even complete paperwork when you're offline! We can also develop new custom templates for you to record any type of service you provide and connect them to your EHR.

  • Fully-integrated to ClinicTracker EHR: View patient appointment history, medication history, and demographic information instantly
  • Record appointments in the field or anywhere you have cell phone service
  • Work offline and upload responses when coverage becomes available
  • Record detailed appointment information and Progress Notes
  • Built-in patient signature capture
  • Custom application templates built to your requirements
  • Works with iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry (Standard/Storm), Windows Mobile, and Windows Netbooks

Countless Applications

If outreach staff leave the office for a visit, they can still enter clinical information simply by opening the ClinicTracker Connect application on a mobile device. Using drop-down menus, check boxes, and text fields, they can enter the required information securely and even capture client signatures. It's an ideal solution for: 

  • Home care visits
  • Community-based support
  • Tracking pick-up/drop-offs for clients who require transportation
  • Jail system visits
  • Out-of-office interviews
  • Client signature capture for proof of service delivery
  • Record service details
  • Writing Progress Notes
  • Patient information look-up
  • Viewing a client's schedule
  • Providing services in areas where you don't want to bring a computer

Abundant Benefits

ClinicTracker Mobile eliminates costly paper forms and surveys. It transforms them into do-it-yourself Business Apps for your Smart Phone, PDA, netbook, tablet, or notebook. The method is powerful because it lets you:

  • Record services wherever they take place
  • Enter data on small devices via drop-down menus and check boxes
  • Capture client signatures
  • Work in offline mode when coverage is unavailable
  • Use HIPAA-compliant security procedures
  • View patient appointment history, medication history, and demographic information instantly through full integration with ClinicTracker Connect EHR


For more information about our offering on Canvas, click here.

Click here for a full list of supported devices

Digital Signature Capture

ClinicTracker's eForms module lets you create templated documents that you can use to collect client input and digital signatures. It is most useful if you have standard forms you want clients to read and sign. By using signature tablets offered by Topaz Systems, patients can now sign paperwork digitally with a method that is efficient, secure, and reliable. You can now become a truly paperless clinic.

eForm Creation

With the eForms module, you can:

  • Recreate your paper forms quickly and easily
  • Identify sections of the document that require patient response (e.g., allergies, comments, and medical history)
  • Format documents as rich text (e.g., color, font, and alignment)
  • Collect up to four signatures on the document
  • Lock documents after they have been signed (prevents tampering and ensures that signatures remain valid and legally binding)
  • Create groups of forms to be completed at one time

eForm Completion

When administering your personalized eForms, you can:

  • Choose from any of the eForms or groups of forms
  • Collect client responses for fill-in fields
  • Review the completed documentation on screen
  • Capture patient signature, and up to three others, using mouse or signature tablet
  • Store transaction information automatically and permanently in the client record, tagged with security and time stamp information 

Multiple Uses for eForms

The eForms module can recreate and replace any paper document in your office, including forms for:

  • Release of Information
  • Treatment Adherence Policy
  • HIPAA Consent
  • Financial Agreements

Outcome Measures

Using rating scales to evaluate symptoms, impairment, and treatment response has become the standard of care. But usually it is too complicated to administer and score test instruments. With the ClinicTracker Testing Wizard, you can simplify the entire process.

 Easy Configuration

  • Create and edit tests with an uncomplicated interface
  • Develop on-screen instructions
  • Select question formats (true/false, multiple choice, ranges)
  • Create subscales for scoring purposes
  • Generate an unlimited number of questions, set up a scoring system, and arrange the order of questions

Streamlined Administration

  • Staff can administer tests or patients can respond directly on your office computer
  • One click of the mouse moves you from any patient record to test administration
  • Pre-stored reporting makes presenting test results simple and compelling
  • Tests are automatically scored as they are completed
  • Test profiles include: Total scores, subscale scores, and performance by patient groups

Integrated Test Analysis

  • Fully-integrated with the rest of the client's file in ClinicTracker
  • Import rating scale data into existing forms or even custom forms you develop
  • Generate complete response analysis or summaries of totals and subscores
  • Track trends over time

Built-In Outcome Measures

Even though you can build any measure you want, ClinicTracker starts you off with a library of pre-stored scales, including:

  • PHQ-9
  • Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale
  • AIMS (Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale)
  • CRAUD (Clinician Rating of Alcohol Use Disorder)
  • DALI (Dartmouth Assessment of Lifestyle Inventory
  • And more...

Clinical Records Management

Clinical Benefits

ClinicTracker offers intake-to-discharge control over operations, streamlines clinic functions, guarantees regulatory compliance, and enhances accountability. ClinicTracker automates patient information input, tracks case progress, guides paperwork completion, and generates a broad range of clinic statistics. With ClinicTracker, you won’t need to worry about extensive training, gradual implementation, or staff resistance. 

  • Fit your EHR to how your clinic works with customizable workflows
  • Enable easy recording of intake and demographic information
  • Log all appointments and collateral activities to create a complete treatment history
  • Simplify charting of group appointments and notes for enhanced productivity
  • Document Progress Notes, Treatment Plans, admissions, discharges, and more
  • Manage medications and prescriptions with a Surescripts-certified ePrescribing system
  • Maintain regulatory compliance with alerts delivered via an integrated messaging system
  • Capture doctors' order for labs, vitals, allergies, and general medical information
  • Allow instant access to any aspect of a patient's record, all fully secured

Practice Management

You will find ClinicTracker in a class by itself when it comes to ease of installation and daily operation. The program requires little maintenance because it was developed for environments with limited (or no) IT resources. Your agency will be up and running on ClinicTracker quickly. The program’s clever design and functionality will promote itself to staff. Administrators and training directors will also flock to ClinicTracker because it will give them unparalleled access to practice and caseload information. Powerful customization tools will enable you to tailor much of the program on your own without requiring outside support. If you do require assistance, you will find our support staff available, responsive, and skilled. 

Designed for the specific challenges of mental health/chemical dependence agencies, ClinicTracker will:

  • Eliminate the need to store, manage, and secure paper records
  • Effectively manage staff certifications and renewal dates
  • Improve overall office staff efficiency
  • Process automated insurance eligibility verifications to allow access to information without the need for phone calls and waiting on hold
  • Provide an automated appointment reminder service to reduce your no-show rate
  • Manage multiple schedules, locations, and patients at one time
  • Include both pre-stored and customizable reports to ensure quick answers to any question about your agency or patient population
  • Create any form template you need for patient or internal use
  • Come with an incredibly responsive and knowledgeable support staff
  • Offer a valuable Return On Investment, typically within the first 12 months

Ease of Use

At the heart of ClinicTracker’s success is an interface methodology that is so intuitive and user-friendly that it will require little training for even the most computer-challenged staff. Keep in mind that psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinic administrators who had no patience for extra keystrokes or unwieldy procedures developed this program to make clinic life easier, not more difficult. The program is fast, efficient, self-guiding, and inherently appealing to users because it saves them time and effort. Because this clinic management software has been "battle tested" over fifteen years of daily clinical operations, new users can rest assured that the program will function as promised, while offering:

  • Multiple navigation methods accommodate varying staff preferences
  • A Staff Dashboard that provides a snapshot of today's priorities
  • A Patient Dashboard that centralizes all patient information in a single screen
  • An Executive Dashboard that enables instant analysis of key agency metrics
  • Comprehensive manuals, quick-start guides, training videos, and intelligent problem reporting system assist when questions arise
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