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What is a Mental Health EHR?

What Exactly is a Mental Health EHR?

The simple answer is that EHR stands for Electronic Health Record, a term that has largely supplanted the more traditional label, EMR  (Electronic Medical Record).

While the marketplace offers hundreds of EHR/EMR programs, only a relative few focus specifically on all aspects of Behavioral Health (Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, and Addiction). Truth be told, many general EHRs have tried and failed to service the mental health market.


Because the world of Behavioral and Mental Health involves complexities that are unique.

We know what an EHR should offer: a tool that helps your mental health practice keep track of your documentation, revenue, schedules, compliance, and treatment quality.  A great mental health EHR provides all of these features – and more.  ClinicTracker is a great mental health EHR.

A clinical psychologist/administrator and a software engineer developed ClinicTracker over fifteen years ago (watch our story here).  In the software world, experience and a legacy of unending refinement means a feature rich program you can trust. Take a look at the many features that are included in the cost of our affordable electronic health record software.

How Important is Customer Support for a Mental Health EHR?

It’s paramount. We have a 100% satisfied customer support rating and we work hard to keep it that way. We know our clients by name. Our turnaround time for updates and new releases is the fastest in the business. We see our job as making your job easier. Software should be a help, not a hindrance.

How do Mental Health EHRs Fail a Practice?

Programming errors that prevent you from completing tasks.  Ridiculous workflows that make recording treatment plans and notes almost impossible.  A billing system that doesn’t balance your revenue.  Sluggish, overly complicated, and a workflow that isn’t customizable. Need we go on?

Should an EHR/EMR Offer More Than Just Documentation of Treatment Services?

Yes, you want a program that manages every aspect of your agency's workflow. That's why ClinicTracker is also a PM (Practice Management) system, and it can even handle your payroll management!

As our clients will tell you, ClinicTracker is the better way:

“What do we like? That your technical support is world-class and that you are so willing and quick about making upgrades to the system.”
Family Counseling Services – Cortland, NY

“Although we’re just implementing ClinicTracker, our clinicians have already praised your team for being so supportive. Thank you so much for your attention to customer service.”
OSLC Community Programs – Eugene, OR

“Our staff dreaded changing over to an electronic record. They soon discovered that ClinicTracker made their work easier, not harder.”
The Family & Children’s Society – Binghamton, NY

Check out a demo video to see why ClinicTracker is the better way.

Can your EHR do this?


Can Your Behavioral Health EHR Do This?

ClinicTracker Behavioral Health EHR has powerful features and an array of benefits.

Get you paid, fast? ClinicTracker can connect to any clearinghouse, integrate with Trizetto (formerly GatewayEDI), transmit directly to insurance payers, and print CMS-1500 claim forms. 

Provide built-in compliance tracking? ClinicTracker generates alerts, messages, and reports regarding overdue treatment plans, unsigned progress notes, and any other compliance indicators. Our document management is fully integrated into the system.

Human Resources? Manage agency staff and documentation, staff security and compliance module, calculate payroll, customizable HR tools and alerts.

Customize workflows, fields, alerts, forms, and outcome measures? ClinicTracker is modifiable down to the smallest detail. You’ll find it easy to make our program fit all of your agency’s requirements.

Features, features, and more features? The benefit of being one of the first EHRs for behavioral health means over fifteen years of continuous product development. Take a peek at how many we have!

Provide a system created by clinicians and administrators who understand the world of behavioral health? ClinicTracker was developed by a team who fully appreciate what needs to happen for a behavioral health agency to be successful. That’s why hospitals, mental health organizations, social service agencies, and chemical dependency centers across the United States have found our program so well suited to their needs.

Help us help you!

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

ClinicTracker recognizes minority mental health awareness month in July.

"Those most in need are often least likely to be served." Sadly, that's the catchphrase for how mental health services have long been provided in the U.S. Study after study describe a system more oriented toward the worried well than the seriously impaired. The same holds for access to services for minorities. They are far less likely to enjoy quality services, even though the rates of mental disorders for minority communities are at least as high, if not higher, than the rest of the population.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): "Communities of color tend to experience greater burden of mental and substance use disorders, often due to poorer access to care; inappropriate care; and higher social, environmental, and economic risk factors."

Mental Health Billing: Does your EHR keep the revenue flowing?

BillingTracker Behavioral Health Integrates Billing Into Your EHRBecause billing for mental health services is notoriously complex, more than half of all support calls to EHR vendors come from the billing department. And much of the dissatisfaction with EHR programs derives not from problems maintaining the clinical record, but from the inability of the software to handle financial processes adequately. It's hard to feel good about your EHR software when you can't submit bills and record payments. Some agencies have even told us that they've come close to shutting their doors because of problems they've had getting the mental health billing package to maintain revenue.

Behavioral Health EHRs: Document Management & Customizable Workflows

ClinicTracker EHR document management and customizable workflows

ClinicTracker goes way beyond just making it easy for you to digitize your paper forms. Our flexible, built-in document management and customizable workflow system lets you tie documents together into a well-ordered workflow. Just tell the system which forms should be completed for which patients, signed off by which providers, and by which dates. By embedding forms into a document management tracking system, you can monitor compliance and send alerts if paperwork is not completed on time.

Behavioral Health EHRs: White Glove Service Anyone?

White Glove Implementation

ClinicTracker Mental Health EHR White Glove Implementation Service

Implementing a Behavioral Health EHR is inherently frustrating because of all the challenges involved in customizing the software and training staff. At ClinicTracker, we do everything possible to minimize the hassle, drudgery, and guesswork that normally burden new EHR software users. Simply provide us with some basic information (staff names, service codes, location details, etc.) and we handle data input and system configuration. We'll take an active role configuring billing settings, submitting test claims, custom form building, custom report building, data migration, and more. We provide you with a dedicated implementation specialist to guide you through the whole process, from loading staff names and user credentials to specifying labels you want on various forms and fields.

Online CE Courses for DSM-5 & ICD-10

We're proud to announce that we can offer users of ClinicTracker EHR an opportunity to pursue online education about a range of important professional topics. Thanks to a new collaboration with the Zur Institute, our user community can access CE courses that are timely and relevant (DSM-5, ICD-10, HIPAA, Meaningful Use, and more) at a discounted price.

Claims Processing

Staff who use BillingTracker can't get over how much easier the program has made their jobs. They appreciate even more that it has helped them significantly increase revenue. What makes BillingTracker so valuable to back office professionals is its full integration with the clinical side of the software. Unifying clinical and financial operations means no duplicate data entry, no excuses for clinicians to be unaware of a client's billing status, no processing claims for encounters without a progress note, and no wasted effort.

Maximize Efficiency

Without smart financial software by your side, processing claims can be a nightmare. With all of the rules, regulations, and payor requirements, it's a very complicated endeavor from beginning to end. You'll find that BillingTracker makes that process infinitely more straightforward because it automates what were tedious tasks and handles every possible scenario with relative ease. And because it is fully integrated with the client's clinical record, you'll avoid redundancies and connect with the treatment team. With BillingTracker, you can:

  • Create a claim from a Clinical Appointment record instantly
  • Examine and modify every detail of the claim record
  • Adjust balance responsibilities over multiple payors at once
  • Set claims to bill using payor-specific methods
  • Configure fee schedules by payor, program, location, time of day, day of week, and more
  • Record patient copays or payments that cover one or more open claims
  • Enter bulk insurance payments covering multiple clients
  • Apply adjustments and automatically update remaining balance assignments
  • Maintain credit balances for any of your patients or payors
  • Process 835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files from your payors and auto-post to patient accounts
  • Generate collection letters at user-specified intervals using multiple letter templates

Flexible Features and Functionality

Built-in support for:

  • Electronic Claims (837 Professional and 837 Institutional)
  • HCFA-1500
  • UB-04 
  • Insurer Statements
  • Patient Statements
  • Collection Letters
  • Enforcing restrictions on data entering the billing system (e.g., require a signed progress note before generating a claim)
  • Automatically applying modifiers based on your specified rules
  • Systematically applying reduced fee schedules according to patient income and family size guidelines
  • Configuring payor-specific fee schedules in accordance with contractual obligation
  • Submitting claims directly to a payor or through a clearinghouse

White Glove Billing Services

Optional White Glove Billing Sevices are provided through one of our billing partners. Clients can select from a variety of services, including claim submission, denial research, client statements, payroll calculation, and more. 

Behavioral Health: HIPAA and Security Webinar with Roy Huggins, LPC NCC

ClinicTracker EHR recorded webinar on HIPAA & Security for Behavioral Health featuring Roy Huggins LPC NCC

Social Service Agencies


Many of your staff work in the community – visiting homes, schools, jails, and other facilities. They can’t wait to return to the office to record their notes and complete paperwork. That record-keeping has to happen in real time. Your people might even need to gather signatures in the field.

ClinicTracker accommodates the needs of mobile workers. The program makes it easy to enter notes and complete forms on a smartphone or tablet. You can even gather client signatures remotely. And, with Google Maps, you can generate directions from your home, office, or previous appointment to your next appointment. For managing reimbursements, you can even track travel times and distances.

If your funding agency requires a specialized form, ClinicTracker has it covered. With the Custom Form Builder, you can generate any form you need – on your own or with our assistance.

Does your social service agency need better EHR software? Do you want to provide a higher quality of care? Are you looking for an EHR that specializes in social service agencies? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We welcome the opportunity to have a personal consultation to understand what you’re looking for and explain how we can meet your evolving needs. At ClinicTracker, we believe in making our EHR meet all your daily operational requirements.

Your success is our number one priority. Schedule a consultation with a ClinicTracker representative today.

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