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Top 20 Reasons People Do Not See a Therapist in 2021

20 Reasons No Therapy

More than 70 percent of people worldwide who struggle with mental health problems do not seek professional treatment. That reluctance leads to vast numbers of people without the care they need to function normally. What is it that keeps so many people from seeking help when they are struggling? What can you do as a therapist to help improve engagement? We will list the top 20 reasons why people avoid treatment so you can look for ways to overcome these kinds of objections.

Avoiding the Common Pitfalls: What's So Difficult About Mental Health Billing Payments and Adjustment Codes?

Billing Common Pitfalls

Billing Common Pitfalls

Mental health billing can be complicated and extremely frustrating, but it does not have to be. That is why having a dedicated, scalable billing platform is so important for care providers in the fields of mental health and substance abuse recovery. If constant billing issues keep cropping up, it is very likely that the billing platform you are using simply cannot meet your practice's needs.

The Top 5 Ways to Maximize Revenue Cycle Management in Behavioral Health (2021)

RCM Top 5 Ways

Many behavioral health clinics are looking to tighten their revenue management cycles as a way to bolster cash flow while at the same time creating cleaner accountability.

Is Your Mental Health Practice Ready For End of Year Reporting? 2021 UPDATE


The calendar is steadily making its way to 2021. You know what that means for your task list: it’s time to start working on those all-important end-of-year reports for documenting compliance, renewing insurance contracts, and reporting on grant progress. Some of those reports are just routine. Others are critical to maintaining funding, licensure, and the viability of your operations.

Internet Speed and Your Behavioral Health Practice (2020 Update)

internet speed for behavioral health practices

The coronavirus pandemic has turbocharged the quest for fast and reliable Internet connections.

Interoperability for Mental Health EHRs: Promoting Quality of Care During the Pandemic


Sharing information is essential to providing quality care, particularly during a pandemic when staff are working remotely. The soundest clinical decisions are those based on complete and accurate data shared amongst all involved in a case.

Configurations and Customizations: How to Judge an EHR’s Adaptability

configure and customize

While many EHR software vendors describe their solutions as easily customizable, users are often dismayed to learn that options for tailoring the program are far more limited than they had expected. That realization usually comes quickly, as they look to institute a new billing method, create unique forms, change labels, tailor reports, or gather information that goes beyond what the program allows.

Collaboration: Your EHR/Practice Management System Can Help

ehr collaboration

Promoting effective collaboration among team members becomes critical as more mental health care staff are forced to work remotely. Clinic directors know all too well that cases are more likely to fare well if everyone at all involved collaborates closely.

How the Coronavirus Might Transform Telemedicine

coronavirus 4817439 1920

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, Congress is planning to release a massive $8.3 billion spending bill to address the pandemic’s global impact.

Top 8 Benefits Of Using An EHR Specific To Mental Health

benefits of using an EHR specific to mental health

When the electronic health record (EHR) software market first emerged, few solutions were designed specifically for behavioral and mental health professionals. The general medical EHRs available at the time failed to address the workflows and billing for behavioral health practices, which were considered unique. For example,

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