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Monday, 16 July 2018

Managing Group Therapy Programs: A Special Challenge for your EHR

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Managing group therapy appointments requires an EHR that understands all the nuances involved in running these kinds of interventions. While it’s certainly efficient for one provider to see more than one client at a time, those benefits can fall off quickly if your EHR isn’t smart about how to schedule, chart, bill, and track group activities.

ClinicTracker makes quick work of the overhead involved in running therapy groups. We’ve been at it for years, working with practices and agencies to handle all the circumstance that might arise, such as when multiple clients are assigned to multiple groups. In addition to integrating all the associated functions in one place, ClinicTracker looks out for scheduling conflicts, billing restrictions, and compliance requirements. As always, our software solution is all about saving you time and effort that’s best reserved for direct patient care.


A powerful feature of ClinicTracker’s Group Therapy Management System is that it tracks all the groups you have operating within your agency. You can label each group, specify a minimum and maximum size, and let the Scheduler know when the group will start and end. ClinicTracker will even place clients on a wait list if the group is over-subscribed.


You want the court-mandated DBT group to meet only on Thursdays from 10 to 12? ClinicTracker will only schedule clients assigned to that group during time spans you configure. Do you assign some patients to a package of different groups? Not a problem. Our software lets you schedule a collection of groups for individual clients.

Progress Notes

The last thing you want to spend your time on is writing separate progress notes for each group attendee. But you also know that regulatory agencies frown on charting the same note for each client.

ClinicTracker streamlines the process, while giving you a chance to personalize each note. Start by writing a note common to all group members and then, on the same screen, add individualized comments. You don’t need to open the record for each participant. You can even collect patient signatures for proof of attendance. It’s all right in front of you on one screen. And you can use any of the pre-stored note templates (like DAP or SOAP) or one that you designed yourself.

Need a system that allows for supervisory signatures? Again, it’s not an issue with ClinicTracker. The entire system is geared to handle countersignatures and all the other components you need within a training environment.


You want to manage your operations based on solid data, not guesswork. ClinicTracker offers you both pre-stored and custom reporting for your groups. With a click of a button you can see waiting lists, attendance reports by group or patient, enrollment lists, and much more.

Group therapies are experiencing a resurgence in both mental health and substance abuse agencies – and not just because they are economical. They've become a treatment of choice for a host of problems, including DBT for borderline personality disorders/self-harm and Moral Reconation Therapy for substance abuse. Choose a practice management program that makes group therapies work for you.

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ClinicTracker is a robust, future-proof mental health and substance abuse EHR. Michael Gordon, a respected clinical psychologist, and Joshua Gordon, an award-winning software engineer, founded the company in 2000. ClinicTracker EHRs powerful software empowers your agency to succeed. ClinicTracker will automate many of your clinic routines, boost staff productivity, increase billing efficiency, and provide the tools you need to manage your clinic effectively. While mental health and substance abuse agencies are our main focus, our software is compatible with foster care agencies, social services, equine assisted therapy, university clinics, academic counseling, family counseling services, and eating disorder clinics.

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