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Tuesday, 01 August 2017

How to Increase Productivity and Staff Retention: EHR Efficiency Plugins

EHR Productivity Features

Even without the uncertainty about the future of the country’s healthcare delivery system, behavioral health and substance abuse providers face significant challenges. Demand for services is up, thanks to the devastating opioid addiction epidemic and rising suicide rates. At the same time, the population of practicing psychiatrists declined by 10 percent between 2003 and 2013, and 55 percent of U.S. counties have no psychiatrists at all.

We also thought that potential EHR users would find this information helpful. Purchasing a software program comes with many challenges for administrators, not the least of which is deciding what features are essential and which might be worthwhile but not critical.

A recent report by the National Council for Behavioral Health provides a broad look at the causes and potential solutions for the shrinking psychiatric workforce. While some of the shrinkage is due to aging, psychiatrists leaving the workforce often cite low job satisfaction and burnout, caused by:

  • Regulatory restrictions on sharing information that can better coordinate care
  • Limited time with patients
  • Increased requirements for documentation and data entry
  • Minimal support resources to organize medical records, conduct routine medical assessments, arrange scheduling, and complete required documentation
  • Schedules that do not allow collegial sharing, staff supervision, or consultation with colleagues

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When providers must spend their time on cumbersome administrative tasks, they obviously have less opportunity to see patients. Because data collection and record management requirements aren’t going away, savvy office managers seek ways to streamline the agency’s operations. ClinicTracker does just that, reducing the time and effort required for a number of administrative tasks by seamlessly integrating productivity features into your EHR.

Our system creates workflows that ease some of the headaches that accompany behavioral healthcare’s complex billing and reporting requirements. You can access these processes without leaving ClinicTracker, and there’s no need to enter data twice. You choose the functions that suit your practice’s needs, and leave the rest to us.

Here are a few examples of what we offer:

  • ePrescribing automatically checks databases for drug-drug or drug-allergy interactions, sends prescriptions to the pharmacy, and updates patient records. The fast, digital process reduces the potential for adverse drug events and eliminates errors due to unclear handwriting.
  • Our appointment reminder function automatically calls or texts patients, saving staff time. Studies show that reminders reduce your no-show rate. You can also track canceled appointments in real-time and fill canceled or missed appointments more quickly. The easy, automated process is tailored to your patients’ requests (call or SMS) and gives your staff more time to interact directly with patients.
  • ClinicTracker’s integrated credit card service automates and speeds your payment collection process. Simply swipe the card through the card reader, and the card holder’s name, card number, and expiration date automatically populate the appropriate fields. The system then applies the payment amount to the patient’s account. It also catches mathematical errors, integrates co-pays, and makes it easy to check your collection balance at the end of the day.
  • Telemedicine offers the potential to dramatically increase access to services, especially for young people who are comfortable with technology, and for patients in underserved areas. ClinicTracker is adding an integrated telehealth conferencing system. Our work on this new service reflects our commitment to closely following the industry’s trends and evolving needs.

You can also integrate:

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Whether you’re opening a new practice or looking to upgrade your workflows, ClinicTracker offers a one-stop solution. We provide software solutions specially created for behavioral healthcare and substance abuse treatment providers’ unique needs, and our seamless integration allows you to work more accurately and efficiently. That means less staff burnout and improved patient care. It’s a win-win.

ClinicTracker is a robust, future-proof mental health and substance abuse EHR. Michael Gordon, a respected clinical psychologist, and Joshua Gordon, an award-winning software engineer, founded it in 2000. ClinicTracker EHRs powerful software empowers your agency to succeed. ClinicTracker will automate many of your clinic routines, boost staff productivity, increase billing efficiency, and provide the tools you need to manage your clinic effectively. While mental health and substance abuse agencies are our main focus, our software is compatible with foster care agencies, social services, equine assisted therapy, university clinics, academic counseling, family counseling services, and eating disorder clinics.

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