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Monday, 11 April 2016

Is Outsourcing Your Billing Right For You?

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Years ago, a doctor's offices could be self-contained and efficient. The physician had plenty of time to treat patients, while his efficient nurse/secretary tracked medical records, set appointments, and processed bills and payments. But today's complex healthcare system has made that memory a distant one. Doctors are increasingly pressed for time amid federal mandates for EHR and meaningful-use compliance, complex diagnosis and billing codes, and bewildering payment and reimbursement models.

A practice’s billing department has become an expensive cost center of its own. Ever-changing regulations and inadequate software require highly trained, patient, and committed employees. Fortunately, ClinicTracker Connect includes a billing module called BillingTracker. Like all of our features, BillingTracker is feature-rich, customizable, and integrates seamlessly with the rest of the system. It eliminates redundant data entry, saves money on infrastructure, and links clinicians and billing staff in the same computer environment. For practices that want to manage invoicing and receivables, BillingTracker is the most integrated and efficient system available.

But some agencies have found that it’s just not cost-effective to manage billing in-house, regardless of the software. To streamline operations, save time, and limit staff turnover and stress, many are turning to third-party billing systems. By outsourcing revenue management, practices can enjoy the transparency, consistency, accuracy, and security that third-party systems can provide. Those benefits far outweigh the lingering concerns of doctors who might fear losing control of their revenue stream.

Our company now offers a full-scale billing service that integrates into the ClinicTracker suite of software solutions. Our billing experts can relieve any practice of the burdens inherent in managing revenues in today’s environment.

To be candid, we started offering a billing service by chance. One of our customers came to us for help when she was just starting up a clinic. She asked us to integrate her ClinicTracker EHR system with a billing service that she had hired. We made that happen. But that billing service, and then another, failed to meet the customer's expectations – to the extent that she was concerned about her clinic’s financial viability.

We quickly turned her financial fortunes around. Within a week we were submitting live claims because we had successfully verified the electronic submission process of sending claims, managing rejections, and making configuration adjustments. We also worked with her clinic’s major payor to resolve a host of problems with how they had handled the clinic’s claims. Reimbursements began flowing like never before.

Our success handling this customer’s billing challenges convinced us to offer billing services to others. We had a big advantage over competitors because we have two powerful, integrated tools at our disposal: ClinicTracker EHR and BillingTracker. Customers benefit from how easy it is for our experts to have the software generate claims from the data already in your system. We also can make sure that providers enter required data before moving on to the next record. It’s a tightly configured system that makes billing far easier.

Since no one knows more about BillingTracker than those who created it, we encourage you to consider making us your billing department. You’ll eliminate a major administrative headache. And you’ll find more time for patient care.

About ClinicTracker

ClinicTracker is a robust, future-proof mental health and substance abuse EHR. Dr. Michael Gordon, a renowned clinical psychologist, and Joshua Gordon, an award-winning software engineer, founded the company in 2000. ClinicTracker EHR’s powerful software empowers your agency to succeed. ClinicTracker will automate all of your clinic routines, boost staff productivity, increase billing efficiency, and provide the tools you need to manage your clinic effectively. While mental health and substance abuse agencies are the most common group of users, foster care agencies, social services, equine assisted therapy programs, university clinics, academic counseling systems, family counseling services, and eating disorder clinics also take advantage of our powerful software.

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