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Thanks to technology, many of us connect constantly with others via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, instant messaging programs, and other such applications. People now expect the same convenient, instant communication tools in their business lives.

In the healthcare world, poor communication leads to workplace chaos, confusion, and conflict. Misunderstandings and inefficiency may waste valuable time and resources. At its worst, poor communication can lead to treatment or prescription errors. As a 2014 Online Journal of Issues in Nursing article noted, ineffective communication has been cited as the number one cause of unnecessary patient deaths related to medical error since the 1990s.

Successful collaboration and communication are crucial in behavioral healthcare practices, where complex cases can involve multiple practitioners (who may be located at more than one site), compliance requirements, and complicated billing procedures. Stellar communication within a practice is even more important with child clients, as those cases often involve treatment for the parents and family as well.

It’s also possible for workplaces to lose sight of the ways simple communication can help build camaraderie, even among a large and diverse staff. There’s room for occasional levity amid the serious and difficult work of behavioral healthcare practices. Sending birthday greetings or congratulating a colleague on passing her dissertation defense go a long way toward building office morale and teamwork. Staff members work hard, sharing professional skills to provide the best treatment for patients; they also need a personal boost once in a while.

We designed ClinicTracker to help healthcare practices communicate well both professionally and personally. Our Unified Messaging System is packed with intuitive, customizable features to keep your office running efficiently. The system’s secure internal communication functions naturally encourage teamwork because sharing patient information is so easy. The Message Board integrates reminders, ePrescribing notifications, and compliance alerts.

Customized staff assignments, scheduling notifications, and signature requests improve collaboration and accountability among team members. Hyperlinks? We’ve got them, so you never need to dig around for patient files, compliance details, or billing information. On the more personal side, CT’s ability to broadcast messages about personal accomplishments and staff events go a long way toward helping people feel connected with others in the agency.

ClinicChat provides the instant messaging and email capabilities we’ve become accustomed to having at our fingertips – all in an internal, secure network you can access throughout the practice. You can check a patient’s history or confirm who’s assigned to bring donuts to the staff meeting. No matter the task, ClinicTracker provides the tools to improve your team’s efficiency and maximize collaboration. You’ll create a staff that can better serve patients.

About ClinicTracker

ClinicTracker is a robust, future-proof mental health and substance abuse EHR. Dr. Michael Gordon, a renowned clinical psychologist, and Joshua Gordon, an award-winning software engineer, founded the company in 2000. ClinicTracker EHR’s powerful software empowers your agency to succeed. ClinicTracker will automate all of your clinic routines, boost staff productivity, increase billing efficiency, and provide the tools you need to manage your clinic effectively. While mental health and substance abuse agencies are the most common group of users, foster care agencies, social services, equine assisted therapy programs, university clinics, academic counseling systems, family counseling services, and eating disorder clinics also take advantage of our powerful software.