ClinicTracker allows your patients to have access to forms on our patient portal.

Patient Portal Forms

  • Patients can complete forms, tests, surveys and much more online from the comfort of home

    Eliminate inefficiencies and handwriting errors

    Improve client satisfaction and engagement
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If you need a form that’s not already in ClinicTracker’s library, you can use the Custom Form Builder to customize an existing form or build a new one from scratch. Our users have built hundreds of them for staff to complete as part of the electronic health record. For example, they’ve designed forms for subspecialty clinic intakes, external referrals, and compliance with state-specific insurance mandates. The forms you create can range from simple to highly sophisticated, involving multiple tabs, repeating lists, dropdowns, data from other custom forms, and attachments.

What makes the Custom Form Builder an even more powerful tool is that you can also design forms for patients to fill out via the ClinicTracker Patient Portal. Those forms can represent anything from simple demographic questionnaires to formal rating scales. You can even develop a single form with specific sections for patients and staff to complete. Because it is so flexible and intuitive, the Custom Form Builder saves a remarkable amount of time, increases customer engagement, and bolsters your ability to collect clinically relevant data.

It's easy to alert patients that they have forms to complete. You simply send them a notification using the Secure Messaging system. When patients log into the portal, they will see a list of forms to complete, along with notes or instructions from you. They click on one of the links to that form, which they can then complete, revise, save, and submit (even with a digital signature). The information they provide goes directly into their patient record in ClinicTracker. The system also notifies the appropriate staff members when the data arrive.

The Custom Form Builder eliminates any concerns you might have about moving to a completely digitized system. If you need a specialized form, you can make it happen on your own. Our users tell us that these tools open up a whole new world of possibilities for data gathering, tracking, and patient engagement – all seamlessly integrated into ClinicTracker’s feature-rich software solution.

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