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ClinicTracker EHR patient portal allows easy access to patient resources you provide which keeps you Meaningful Use compliant.

Education Resources

  • Send patients educational materials related to their treatment

    Search an extensive library of online resources for relevant articles

    Distribute resources via the Patient Portal
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A sure-fire way to empower patients is to provide them information relevant to their treatment. It's such an important tool that the government mandated that, to be certified under the Meaningful Use program, an EHR has to provide a platform for offering those resources electronically.

And that's exactly what we've developed: a simple way to send clients links to useful resources such as research articles, video clips, or newspaper stories. You can select what links to send in two ways:

  1. Identify resources through your personal web searches or a library of articles your clinic might have collected; or
  2. Navigate to a form in ClinicTracker that, based on search criteria related to diagnosis, medications, or lab results, will take you to relevant articles in Medline/PubMed

Rather than requiring you to print or email this information (which are still options), your resources will be instantly made available through the Patient Portal. Identify the links you want to send and your patients will see them the next time they log into the Portal. You can even check if they've clicked on any of the links you identified.

Patient education is another important clinic function that ClinicTracker automates for you. Immediate access to 35,000+ articles and a vehicle for selecting and transmitting them through the system makes the process easy for your staff.