ClinicTracker EHR has an exciting new Telehealth service for mental health and substance abuse agencies.

Telehealth Connector

  • Connect Your Telehealth Provider

    Send Email and SMS Appointment Reminders to Individuals or Groups in Scheduler

    Join Therapy Sessions Faster
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Our method for delivering Telehealth services via ClinicTracker is based on a “bring your own platform” approach. That means you can join up your personal (or agency) Zoom-type account with ClinicTracker’s new Telehealth Connector module.

Access the teleconferencing program of your choice (or at least those that are HIPAA compliant and meet some other technical criteria), while enjoying the benefits of the ClinicTracker connection.

How does it work?

  • Schedule a Telehealth appointment like any other event
  • Let clients join sessions via ClinicTracker's Patient Portal or directly through a browser
  • Send out Telehealth links via the Appointment Reminders module

What are the requirements for using my Zoom-type account with ClinicTracker?

  • Static links (a link that always stays the same and are easily shareable) for both the therapist and the patient
  • A virtual waiting room, so that the next appointment doesn't interrupt an appointment already in session

How much does the Telehealth Connector cost? 

  • No set up fees
  • Only pay $9 per month for each ClinicTracker user who is registered in the system as a telehealth provider