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ClinicTracker EHR has an exciting new Telehealth service for mental health and substance abuse agencies.


  • Access appointment recordings from patient record at anytime

    Patients can self-schedule via Patient Portal

    Schedule across time zones
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ehr telehealth service

Telehealth has become a major force in behavioral healthcare. But few EHRs are equipped to handle the special challenges of scheduling appointments across time zones, integrating videoconferencing functionality, and meeting verification requirements.

Our EHR has a built-in telehealth service for mental health and substance abuse agencies. It gives you a ready-made method for interacting with your patients remotely using an internet-connected desktop, laptop, or other mobile device equipped with a webcam. We make it simple to set up telepsychiatry/telemedicine appointments, conduct sessions, access recordings, and keep records — all using the standard
ClinicTracker interface you’ve come to know so well.

Plenty of Scheduling Options

  • Schedule across time zones based on both clinician and patient locations
  • Configure services, locations, and event types to generate telehealth visits automatically
  • Schedule telehealth visits using the same scheduling system staff already uses for other types of appointments
  • Allow patients to view and access scheduled sessions from within the Patient Portal

 Keep Patient Records Current

  • Automatically stores all video/audio recordings within the cloud, not on your computer
  • Access all recordings within the patient’s ClinicTracker record

 See More Patients

  • Expand your market by offering telehealth services
  • The telehealth platform accommodates single and group sessions

Stay Compliant

  • Telehealth appointments are HIPAA compliant

Flexible Usage

  • Conduct unlimited telehealth sessions with each channel you configure


Watch the recorded Telehealth Essentials webinar hosted by Dr. Michael Gordon and Joshua Gordon.