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ClinicTracker EHR has an exciting new Telehealth service for mental health and substance abuse agencies.

Telehealth Connector

  • Connect Your Telehealth Provider

    Patients can self-schedule via Patient Portal

    Schedule across time zones
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ehr telehealth service

Our method for delivering Telehealth services via ClinicTracker is based on a “bring your own platform” approach. That means you can join up your personal (or agency) Zoom-type account with ClinicTracker’s new Telehealth Connector module.

Use the teleconferencing program of your choice (or at least those that are HIPAA compliant and meet some other technical criteria), while enjoying the benefits of the ClinicTracker connection.

Plenty of Scheduling Options

  • Schedule across time zones based on both clinician and patient locations
  • Configure services, locations, and event types to generate telehealth visits automatically
  • Schedule telehealth visits using the same scheduling system staff already uses for other types of appointments
  • Allow patients to view and access scheduled sessions from within the Patient Portal

 Keep Patient Records Current

  • Automatically stores all video/audio recordings within the cloud, not on your computer

 See More Patients

  • Expand your market by offering telehealth services
  • The telehealth platform accommodates single and group sessions

Stay Compliant

  • Telehealth appointments are HIPAA compliant

Flexible Usage

  • Unlimited meetings, minutes, and participants


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