You can process credit cards at several points within ClinicTracker EHR software. Patients can pay their bill on the patient portal.

Online Bill Pay

  • Clients can access account balances online

    Collect credit card payments through the Patient Portal

    Automatically updates a client's account without any staff intervention
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ClinicTracker's built-in credit card processing significantly streamlines payment collections. Online Bill Pay takes it one step farther by allowing patients to pay their invoices online (through the Patient Portal) without any staff intervention. Clients love the process because it's private, convenient, and easy to follow: 

  1. Log into the Patient Portal and click the My Account link
  2. Review account status (including aging and insurer balances)
  3. Press the Pay My Bill Online button
  4. Choose which invoices to pay, either in full or in part
  5. Enter credit card information and press the Submit button

The system will send an email receipt to you and your client. The payment is recorded immediately in both the Patient Portal (where the patient can view it or generate a receipt at any time) as well as within BillingTracker. No manual actions required to apply the payment!