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Why should I use ClinicTracker?Given the expense and liabilities involved in adopting a Behavioral Health EHR, the decision has to be systematic and criterion-based. While you probably have a long list of questions you've prepared to ask vendors, we've listed a few we find most important. You'll find that most of them come down to issues of reliability, a reputation for competent support, and customizability.

How long has the EHR vendor been in business?

It takes years to amass all the templates, routines, linkages, billing processes, and workflows that a competent program must have to be helpful to you. You want a program that's been battle tested in multiple settings by thousands of users over a decade or more. ClinicTracker has been serving behavioral and mental health clinics, universities, hospitals, providers, and substance abuse clinics for over fifteen years. That's fifteen years of continuous software development based on ongoing feedback from an enormous user base.

To what extent was the program designed by people who understand the world of behavioral healthcare?

Dr. Michael Gordon, Founder of ClinicTracker EHRDr. Michael Gordon, a well-known clinical psychologist and successful clinic administrator, wanted a software program that could give him the kind of data he needed to track patient flow, staff productivity, and documentation compliance requirements. Not finding any that worked for his services or were affordable, he cast about for someone who could translate his specifications into a user-friendly and easily-supported solution.

He ultimately collaborated with an extraordinarily competent and formally-trained software engineer he could trust to bring his vision to fruition. That programmer, his son and our CEO, created a 100% behavioral health-specific EHR.

How dependable is the program?

Think bullet-proof. After all, ClinicTracker has been steadily at work for over 15 years in different settings with users who sometimes have very limited comfort with computers. If a major bug were to surface, it would have happened long ago. Even if a minor problem arises, we can address it immediately. That's why we always have near-perfect customer support ratings.

Does the program have all the features we might need and, if not, can they add them easily enough?

No other EHR program comes close to ClinicTracker in the sheer number and breadth of features it offers. And we're adding new ones evey day in response to user requests. Actually, the main thrust of our most recent development efforts has been to make it easy for our customers to add forms, report, and outcome measures on their own, without even needing to request program modifcations from our development team.

Do they work with outside, unbiased consultants who serve the behavioral health market and strive to ensure quality control?

Because the behavioral healthcare market is so diverse, we want to make sure that ClinicTracker handles anything and everything that might come its way. We welcome organizations like everythingEHR and The Technology Group who are unbiased consultants serving behavioral health providers and organizations across the United States. They know what YOU need in terms of clinical workflow, functionality, and what is on the horizon when it comes to behavioral healthcare technology. Their input is invaluable and we greatly respect their guidance. Receiving an endorsement from these firms means we have our fingers on the pulse of mental health technology and the industry as a whole.

As our clients will tell you, ClinicTracker is the better way:

“What do we like? That your technical support is world-class and that you are so willing and quick about making upgrades to the system.”
Family Counseling Services – Cortland, NY

“Although we’re just implementing ClinicTracker, our clinicians have already praised your team for being so supportive. Thank you so much for your attention to customer service.”
OSLC Community Programs – Eugene, OR

“Our staff dreaded changing over to an electronic record. They soon discovered that ClinicTracker made their work easier, not harder.”
The Family & Children’s Society – Binghamton, NY

Check out a demo video to see why ClinicTracker is the better way.

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