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July 2014 - JAG Products, LLC

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We've added these helpful features for you?


What's New?

We've made significant improvements to the Form Builder and Report Builder:



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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions our support team responded to recently:


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User Suggestion of the Month

Thank you to Mary Basmadjian of The Bella Vita!


Because of her suggestion, you will soon be able to hide signature fields you don’t want to display on the Form Builder's signature tab. To hide a signature, go to: Help -> About -> Admin Config -> Form Builder -> Configure Forms. Uncheck the Show option next to each signature field you want to hide. This feature will be available in the ClinicTracker update slated for 7/28/14.


For the excellent idea, Mary won our User Suggestion of the Month prize. Congratulations, Mary! You've got a gift on the way from your friends at JAG.


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Current Promotions

Communicate with Outside Providers in Accordance with HIPAA Regulations


Government regulations require that any messages you send to an outside provider containing Protected Health Information (PHI) must be transmitted securely. These rules are intended to ensure that your patient's privacy is protected at all times.


We've made the process of sending protected health information simple with our new Direct Secure Messaging application. Using the latest encryption technology, it lets you send emails, testing reports, and Clinical Summary documents directly through ClinicTracker Connect. In fact, if your agency uses the ClinicTracker Patient Portal, your patients will be able to forward their medical records (in C-CDA format) to outside providers, safe in the knowledge that the information will be protected.


While we developed Direct Secure Messaging to comply with criteria for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use, you can add this feature to your system even if you are not using the Meaningful Use Edition. The service is licensed for a flat annual rate based on the number of users in your practice. After a brief identity verification process, your account will be activated and you will be ready to send and receive secure messages.


Add Direct Secure Messaging by 8/31/14 and we'll waive the $250 setup cost!


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Show Me How

The ClinicTracker User Portal is designed to give you quick access to a variety of support resources. They include Critical Announcements, Release Notes, User Notes, Training Videos, FAQs, the Support Portal, and more. Click here to watch the training video or here to visit the User Portal.


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Alycia "The Support Gal" Says...

We have always known that, within a clinical environment, any interruptions, loss of data, or errors are intolerable. From the outset, we have focused on developing a "bullet-proof" solution that our customers knew was backed up by fast, competent support and training. With our support staff at the ready, you are guaranteed:



You should also be aware that we developed ClinicTracker so that our technicians can apply updates and revisions very quickly. You won't have to wait months for improvements and bug fixes. Almost every week you'll find updates to the system that incorporate recent suggestions and feedback. The benefit to you is that we make changes rapidly and in small increments. Your staff won't have to absorb infrequent updates that contain wholesale changes.


Because of our devotion to providing responsive support, our customers have awarded us a 99% satisfaction rating (compared to a national average of 85%). You can view testimonials from users here.

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Hot Topics

A central component of the Meaningful Use program is "interoperability" – the capacity to exchange health information electronically. To address that standard, the government worked with organizations and vendors to create a secure, simple method for providers to exchange protected health information over the Internet. The culmination of that effort, called Direct, represents a kind of specialized e-mail service that is highly encrypted, designed for exchanging health information, and limited only to users who are registered with the system. You can think about it as a kind of dedicated Gmail-type service that is more secure and only lets you exchange information with other Gmail addressees. In this instance, your organization would have a Direct address that lets you interact with other dedicated users on this internet-based service. In so doing, you can transmit and receive any confidential information securely.


Because ClinicTracker meets standards for Meaningful Use, it is fully compatible with the Direct Messaging protocol. Using the integrated technology, you can send and receive encrypted e-mails, text files, and CCDA (Continuity of Care) documents within ClinicTracker Connect. Additionally, if your clinic has enabled the Patient Portal, your patients can securely forward their medical records in CCDA format to outside providers.


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