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March 2014 - JAG Products, LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions our support team responded to recently:


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User Suggestion of the Month

Thanks to Dr. Cooke at Trinity Social Services, we've added the ability to attach documents to a staff member's record in the same way Related Documents work for patients.


To add items (such as images of a professional license, DEA card, or other certifications) to a staff member's record, go to: Staff -> Staff Info and select the staff member. You'll find the Related Documents feature on the Additional Options tab under the Certifications / Documents section. You can establish descriptors for the types of documents you will be saving through the Maintenance screen (Utilities -> Maintenance -> Staff Related Documents Category Type Input). For example, you might set up one category for licenses/certifications, another for DEA paperwork, and still another for materials related to patient feedback or job performance reviews.


For her excellent idea, Dr. Cooke won our User Suggestion of the Month prize. Congratulations, Dr. Cooke. You've got a gift on the way from your friends at JAG.


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Current Promotions

Lunch & Learn: Discover how to simplify patient payments and earn a $100 statement credit


ClinicTracker offers integrated credit card payment processing solutions through TransFirst. This service automates the process of capturing credit card payments in your office or via the Patient Portal.

Enroll in our free ten-minute webinar to explore how this payment processing system will increase collections, save staff time, and improve patient satisfaction. You will earn how to:

Enrollment for this service is fast and painless. No excessive contract terms or early cancellation penalties are involved.

Receive a $100 statement credit when you sign up for integrated credit card processing before June 1, 2014!

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Show Me How

More than 63% of all providers have adopted ePrescribing. And for good reason. On average, ePrescribing saves over $15,000 per prescriber each year by streamlining the prescription writing process. It also adds a host of safety checks into the system - from allergy alerts to information about drug-drug interactions.


Join us for a free 30-minute live webinar on March 27th, 12:00 ET to find out how the DrFirst ePrescribing solution makes for more informed decision making at the point of care.


Register today and learn how to:


Register for this Webinar:

March 27th - 12:00 EDT Register Now



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John "The Support Guy" Says...

It's hard to manage mismatched claims unless you understand these three kinds of accounting items:


These three figures should always be the same. However, for a variety of reasons, the balance information for a particular claim can become out of sync. It happens most often when you edit the service information (adding or removing a service, or editing the charge or quantity of an existing service) once a claim has already been transitioned and queued for processing.


You can remedy any imbalances easily by locating the claim in Manage Accounts and adjusting the values through the Balance Assignment tab. If you adjust the assigned balances to match the open balance, the system will update the transaction journal accordingly. See Chapter 9 of the BillingTracker User's Manual for more information on Handling Mismatched Claims.

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Hot Topics

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARAA), beginning January 1, 2015 eligible professionals who are not meaningful users will be subject to a reduced schedule of fees. Yes, it's the government's not so subtle encouragement for providers to work within a Meaningful User environment. Click here for more information on payment adjustments.


Eligible professionals can apply for hardship exceptions to avoid these payment adjustments. CMS (the government agency that oversees the Meaningful Use program) will only grant exceptions under specific circumstances including:

The government also has to be convinced that those circumstances pose a significant barrier to achieving Meaningful Use. You can find additional information about the hardship exception at:


If you're looking for guidance on how to participate in the Meaningful Use program, you should know that our partner, DrFirst, offers a Meaningful Use consulting service. They can help you establish the required work-flows necessary for successful attestation, including any applicable exceptions. If you're interested, click here to let us know and we'll put you in touch with a consultant.


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