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September 2013 - JAG Products, LLC

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What's New?

Electronic Remittance Advice

The Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), or 835, is a format that allows electronic transmission of claim payment information. Because it eliminates manual entry of claim payments, agencies save time and money. Posting errors are nearly eliminated.


We're delighted to announce the BillingTracker 835 ERA Module. It allows you to capture your 835 remittance file from payers. The system automatically interprets the adjustment and payment amounts, and then posts them directly to your claims. No manual processing required. However, you still can review and adjust any transactions as necessary. See the Current Promotions section to read about our introductory offer.


Integrated FAQ Search

Now you can search our extensive library of over 250 FAQs directly from the main screen. Chances are you'll find an answer to any question you might have about ClinicTracker. After all, users were the ones who first posed them to our support staff. Click the FAQ link in the upper right corner of the main screen to display a search box.

FAQ Search

You can still search the FAQ list within the User Portal or by going directly to


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions our support team responded to recently:


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User Suggestion of the Month

Thanks to Angela Harris of Hopeful Beginnings, you can now re-order custom tabs (created with the Form Builder) that are embedded in stock forms. What's more exciting is that the new feature works with preset and custom tabs. This means that you can insert your custom tabs anywhere within the record and even adjust the position of preset tabs.


To use this feature, go to: Help -> About -> Admin Config -> Form Builder -> Configure Tab Order.


For her excellent idea, Angela won our User Suggestion of the Month prize. Congratulations, Angela! You've got a gift on the way from your friends at JAG.


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Current Promotions

To introduce our new BillingTracker 835 ERA Advice Module, we're offering it at a reduced price of $2,500, including setup, testing, and training. That's an excellent deal when you consider the benefits of improving accuracy and dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes your staff to reconcile payment claim reports. You'll likely recoup that fee within a month or two. And you will have successfully automated what had once been a tedious process.

Contact us to schedule your implementation or learn more.



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Show Me How


In our unending quest to develop training materials that make it easy to learn ClinicTracker, we've produced a series of Step-By-Step Guides. Each one shows you exactly how to work your way through customization and navigation routines.

The Staff Info video will teach you how to create staff member accounts and configure various settings and permissions.



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John "The Support Guy" Says...

When users asks us how to grant, restrict, or change a staff member's system access, we answer by directing them to: Staff -> Staff Info. You can configure every aspect of your staff permissions and settings in the Staff Info form.


For example, the User Responsibilities tab contains settings for Module Access, Supervisor Signature settings, and Program Access. Administrative users can also grant Full, Read Only, or No access to different areas of the system, including Patient Contacts, Paperwork, Patient Info, Compliance, Staff Info, Maintenance, Scheduler, and the Patient Summary. You can also grant access to such parts of the system as: the Patient Dashboard, Progress Notes, and various report categories and grant staff permission to: update Insurance Authorizations, collect Copays, Override Service Prices, and request Emergency Access.


The Personal tab allows the user to specify settings for personal preferences, such as Show Tips at Startup, Confirm on Exit, Compliance Alert Days, and more. Users can also adjust their Paperwork Notification settings.


Finally, the Additional Options tab gives you the ability to: set/reset passwords, configure Scheduler preferences and permissions, view/update the staff member's Electronic Signature, set Contracted Clinical Hours, manage Staff Certifications, and setup Patient Access Permissions.


Take a look at the ClinicTracker User's Manual or the FAQ library for additional information about the Staff Info form.


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Industry News

Many providers question whether they can meet Meaningful Use requirements if they never prescribe or use an electronic prescribing system. The answer is somewhat complicated:


    1) Eligible providers who write fewer than 100 prescriptions during the reporting period are excluded from any e-prescribing requirement.

    2) Professionals who write prescriptions must submit at least 40% of them electronically.

    3) Certain substances are restricted from the ePrescribing incentive. They are listed at this link:


You can find the attestation requirements here:


The bottom line: If you don't prescribe, you can still meet MU requirements. If you do prescribe medications that are not on the list of controlled substances, at least 40% of them must be submitted electronically. 


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