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May 2013 - JAG Products, LLC

Did You Know...

You can use the Actions and Navigation menus on the toolbar to move from one form to another without re-identifying the patient each time?


Let's say you're reviewing the Demographics form for John Zippy and you'd like to look at his Treatment Plans. It's unnecessary to close out of the Demographics form to click on Paperwork -> Treatment Plan and then select John Zippy from the search list again. From the Demographics form, click on Navigation within the top toolbar, select  Paperwork, and chose Treatment Plan. That's it. ClinicTracker lets you move or "navigate" to any part of a patient's record you'd like. The Navigation menu can save you an untold number of key strokes throughout the day. 

Similarly, Actions menus on the top toolbar let you complete a range of tasks for the patient you are working with. For example, after recording an appointment for John, you might want to view his no-show rate. Don't exit out and move to the Reports module for that information. Just click on Actions and select Missed Appointment Rate.


The Navigation and Actions menus can be major timesavers. If you think of other ways we could improve the system navigation, click here.

What's New?

It's always been easy for ClinicTracker users to get answers to training questions, learn about recent upgrades, and request support. Now we've made those resources even more accessible. You will find a new User Support Portal link in the upper right hand corner of the ClinicTracker Main Screen. It displays the full range of support options on one page:



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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions our support team responded to recently:


» Click to View Our Full List of FAQs Related to Technical Issues

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User Suggestion of the Month

Thank you Karen Jones!

Because of Karen's suggestion, you can now tell ClinicTracker to administer a group of eForms, such as those in an admission or discharge packet, in one continuous presentation. After the patient signs one form, the system displays the next one automatically in a specified order.


Administrative users can complete the straightforward, one-time setup by clicking Form Group Setup from the eForms configuration screen, then selecting the included eForms from the list. Administrators can even adjust the order in which forms are displayed by clicking and dragging the forms into the desired order.


Complete the eForm Groups in the same manner as an individual eForm by navigating to Paperwork -> eForms, then selecting the desired group of forms. As the patient completes and signs each form, the next one displays immediately. For security, if you've checked the box for Require Password Upon Completion, you will have to enter your password before proceeding to another ClinicTracker activity.


For her excellent idea, Karen won our User Suggestion of the Month prize. Congratulations, Karen! You've got a gift on the way from your friends at JAG.


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Current Promotions

The Patient Portal enhances the patient experience with your office because it affords your clients simple, appropriate control over their medical and billing records. Because clients can access certain details of their file online, they can notify you of any changes to their personal or billing information. They can view their schedule and confirm or cancel upcoming appointments. As a result, your records will be current and your missed appointment rate will improve. They can also see the balances on their account, including what they currently owe. Better yet, you can increase your payment collections by making it easy for your patients to pay bills and print receipts online. The system will even send your office staff an email when a client has posted an online payment. 


To promote this service, we are offering to waive the $250 set-up fee for those who enroll by the end of May.


For more information about how this flexible utility can benefit your practice, read our Product Brief or watch our Training Video (note, not all features are included in this video). Contact us with any questions using the link below.


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Show Me How

We offer a series of online videos that take you through various features step-by-step. This month we're featuring our Form Builder Utility:


If you want to create your own digital forms or modify some of the pre-stored templates in ClinicTracker, check out the powerful Form Builder utility. It makes it simple to transition from a paper-based system to a full electronic medical record. You'll be surprised how easy it is to reproduce your old forms in a digitized format.


Click here to watch a video about how to use Form Builder.


» Click to View the Online Video Library

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John "The Support Guy" Says...

Because we know that you expect quick and accurate responses to the support tickets you submit, we strive to provide exceptional customer service. Please help us accomplish that goal by providing as much relevant information as possible. The better we understand the issue up front, the more quickly we can respond.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when you submit a new ticket:

When you submit a support ticket, remember: You can never provide too much information!

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Industry News

Security Rules Tighten

Most of us in the behavioral healthcare industry assume that compliance with HIPAA rules around information release satisfies regulatory requirements for digital security. However, those specifications (even the ones included in the new “final rule” issued in March) only take you so far down the road to compliance. Agencies that participate in the Meaningful Use program must pay particular attention to security. The government requires them to perform a “risk analysis and assessment” that is designed to compare current procedures with what is “legally and pragmatically required to safeguard patient health information.”


The risk analysis also identifies “high priority threats and vulnerabilities” to the protected data. Therefore, even though your EMR may be Meaningful Use Certified (and ClinicTracker falls in that category), you still must conduct a risk analysis that ensures that the software’s controls are enabled correctly. You also have to develop an action plan to address any potential breaches that your assessment might identify. Finally, the rules require you to provide documentation that your EMR system is MU Certified and that it has been properly deployed.


While we assume you have attended to HIPAA and (if appropriate) Meaningful Use requirements, we’ve provided some online resources and articles:



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