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March 2013 - JAG Products, LLC

Did You Know...

If you have templates different from those in ClinicTracker Connect's plethora of forms, you can use the Custom Form Builder to construct digital versions that capture whatever patient or program information you need. You can even embed a custom form in existing stock forms and include digital signatures from clients or staff. The forms you create will look and function like any other ClinicTracker form when it comes to entering, saving, loading, and printing information. They even appear in the Completed Paperwork listing.

Chapter 47 of the user's manual provides detailed instructions for configuring custom forms.

If your agency does not currently take advantage of the Custom Form Builder utility, please contact us to learn how to enable this feature.


What's New?

User Advisory Board

ClinicTracker owes its remarkable functionality to years of ongoing feedback from those of you who use our software daily. As we move forward in our development of the system, we would like to formalize that process by organizing a group of users who are willing to offer advice. Therefore, we are wondering if you are interested in becoming a member of our User Advisory Board. We’re not looking for a major commitment; we just want permission to contact you by phone or email occasionally with questions about current features and those we might develop in the future. We might ask you, "How’s the procedure for entering Progress Notes working for you?" or "Would you be interested in electronic remittance capability?" We may also inquire if a new feature another customer suggested would be worthwhile in your setting.

If you are interested in joining our User Advisory Board, please click here. We would truly appreciate your participation. 


New Release Notes Page

Thanks to our redesigned Release Notes page, keeping up with changes to ClinicTracker is now a breeze. You can see all the most recent updates at a glance. The snazzy new method also lets you filter by Date Range, Related Module (section of the program), or Type of Update. Make the most of ClinicTracker by keeping current with all its features and upgrades.

The Release Notes display automatically on your screen the first time you log in after a new update. You can view them any time after if you go to: Help -> View Release Notes from the ClinicTracker Staff Dashboard.


Requesting User Accounts and Password Resets (Hosting Service Customers Only)

We know our users are super busy so we developed an easier method for requesting new user accounts or password resets. Users hosted with JAG can now make these requests right from the server desktop. Log into the ClinicTracker Hosting Server and double-click the New Hosting Account Request icon. You can also visit: and click the "Account Requests" link in the top bar.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions our support team responded to recently:


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User Suggestion of the Month

BillingTracker has always provided users with a way of attaching a note to a client’s account. A note might summarize a conversation with an insurance company or record receipt of a denial letter. However, the system allowed only one general running note that couldn’t be preserved if another user chose to overwrite it with different information. Thanks to a suggestion from Dave Purdy of University of Michigan, we have substantially upgraded the capability of the Billing Note function. Now you can create, categorize, save, and lock multiple notes either for the account as a whole or for specific claims. You can also view all the notes on that account or only notes tied to a specific claim. The system even retains notes you deleted and provides an export option.

For his excellent idea, Dave Purdy has won our User Suggestion of the Month prize. Congratulations, Dave! You've got a gift on the way from your friends at JAG.


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Current Promotions

Is your office spending too much time authenticating insurance coverage and checking eligibility? These routine, but tedious elements of your billing workflow can be time consuming and frustrating. We've partnered with Gateway EDI to save you time by delivering an online verification service that automates the entire process for you. Because the system is fully integrated with the ClinicTracker Demographic form, your staff can quickly confirm the validity of a patient’s insurance while completing the intake process or prior to a scheduled appointment. You will receive an answer in just seconds. To promote this new service, we are offering to waive the $200 registration fee if you enroll by the end of March. Don’t miss out - registering for this service is simple and each transaction costs less than 10 cents.

For more information about how this flexible utility can benefit your practice, read our Product Brief or contact us at 800.884.8182 or


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Show Me How

We offer a series of online videos that take you through various features step-by-step. Here are some examples:



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John "The Support Guy" Says...

Users often contact us because they've received this message when selecting a patient: "You do not have the necessary Patient Group Permissions to access this patient record." This notification does not mean you've made an error. It pops up when ClinicTracker is enforcing the record security that your program administrators have configured. Users with full access to the Staff Info module can set access levels based on the Place of Service, Patient Group, or a particular clinician's caseload.

As an administrative user, update someone's access permissions using these steps:


  1. Navigate to Staff Info and select the staff member whose record requires updating
  2. Click on the Additional Options tab
  3. Click the Patient Access Permissions button near the bottom right corner and select either Patient Group Permissions or Place of Service Permissions in the popup menu
  4. Within the list of all possible permissions, put a check next to those you want to assign to this staff member
  5. Click the Save icon
  6. The staff member will have access to those previously-restricted files the next time he or she logs into the system


See Chapter 6 of the ClinicTracker user's manual for a full discussion of Patient Access Permissions. 


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Industry News

Insurance verification services play an essential role in the revenue cycle. However, for most administrators and staff, it is a painstaking, time consuming process that requires meticulous attention and persistence. An effective strategy for some agencies has been to outsource insurance verification. To read more about this option, click here.

Article source: Kruse, Bob. Advantages of Insurance Verification Services. Ezine Articles. 23 May 2011. Web. 28 Feb 2013.


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