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February 2013 - JAG Products, LLC

Did You Know...


Select Expert

Did you know about the Select Expert tool? It makes it easy for you to filter the data you want to become part of reports. For example, if you only want the data on patients who were seen in the last six months with a particular set of diagnoses, this tool enables you to establish those criteria. To learn more about this powerful tool, view the training video using this link:




My Messages Widget

On the Staff Dashboard's My Messages widget, we've added two new buttons to support Tasks on Demand. By clicking on the Mail icon, you can compose a new message, while the Task-List icon creates a new reminder. You can access both of these features directly from the home screen without having to first open the Messaging System.

What's New?

Managing paper forms is a headache for everyone because they are cumbersome to update, file, track, secure, mail, and audit. Unfortunately, converting paper forms to digital versions can be a hassle, but not with our Custom Form Builder. It makes the changeover pain free. In fact, we’ve upgraded the module so that you can:


To learn more about the Custom Form Builder, please view our product brief or online video.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly-asked questions sent to our support team recently:


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User Suggestion of the Month

Users are often our best source of ideas for how to enhance ClinicTracker's utility. Dr. Fred DuFour with The Family & Children's Society in Binghamton, NY recently clued us into one such improvement. He suggested that we give ClinicTracker the ability to track which educational resource links clients accessed through the Patient Portal. He felt that this information would be useful in evaluating the appeal of the resources his staff listed on the site and to know if the suggested materials were being viewed. Fred made the suggestion on 1/30, we completed developing the feature on 2/6, and users had the feature available to them with the 2/11 release. You can see it for yourself if you go to the Education Resources tab of the Patient Portal, or Medical -> Patient Education Resources from the Staff Dashboard (for clinics using the Meaningful Use version of ClinicTracker).


Because we all thought this was a clever and worthwhile idea, we voted it our inaugural "User Suggestion of the Month." Congratulations, Fred. You've got a gift on the way from your friends at JAG.


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Current Promotions

With auto-bill pay, you’ll never need to worry about missing a payment to JAG. The amount of the invoice will automatically be deducted from your bank account on the due date. To promote this new service, we are offering $100 off your next invoice for any custom development work or new licenses. To benefit from the cash back offer, enroll in this free service by the end of February. Simply complete and email the form at this link to


If you haven't already signed up to view your account history online, go to, click the Don't Have an Account link, and enter the details from a recent invoice.


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Show Me How

We offer a series of online videos that take you through various features step-by-step. Here are some examples:



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John "The Support Guy" Says...

To maintain compliance with changing industry standards, we enhanced ClinicTracker and BillingTracker to support "add-on" service codes. As of 1/1/2013, you can now record an appointment with up to two additional service codes. From initial configuration through the billing process you can manage these add-ons just like the main services. To create an add-on record, choose the Service Input category in the Maintenance menu of ClinicTracker. It allows you to manage the master list of all services that your clinic offers. This list populates all of the service fields on the Appointment form.


The add-on service codes are also fully integrated with Fee Schedules and Modifier Codes. When you transition an appointment into BillingTracker, the system will search for the appropriate fee for the services based on a specific Fee Schedule rule or the default price configured in the Service Input Maintenance list. This process will also search for the applicable Modifier Codes. Fee Schedules are configured at: File -> Setup -> Configure Fee Schedules and Modifier Rules at File -> Setup -> Modifier Rules.


For more information regarding the service code changes, please review the following articles:


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Industry News

Missed appointments in mental health and chemical dependence agencies are strikingly high across the nation. For most organizations, the rate falls between 25 and 35% of scheduled appointments. This high rate wreaks havoc on a patient's treatment progress and a clinic's financial health. To encourage appointment attendance, many clinics call patients prior to the appointment. While this practice can improve attendance, it is extremely time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, ClinicTracker Connect now offers a module for making appointment reminder calls automatically. Once one of your staff schedules a new appointment in the ClinicTracker Scheduler, it is entered into a list of calls the Automated Appointment Call Service will place for you. The computer then calls each patient to announce the appointment, leaving a message if no one answers.

The Reminder Service places calls based on parameters you establish in advance. For example, you can set how many days prior to the appointment you want the patient notified and what time of day calls should be made. You also have the option of generating calls immediately if you don't want to wait for the scheduled call window.

Patients can confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointment with the single press of a phone button. In addition, when utilizing the Call Reminder Service and our new web-based Patient Portal, patients have the option of going online to confirm, cancel, or request a new appointment time before or after they receive the reminder call.


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