Monday, 09 February 2015

Does Your Behavioral Health EHR Make It Simple to Design and Use Customizable Forms?

ClinicTracker EHR can design forms or we can teach you how to create customizable forms yourself

Our Director of Sales, Mark Shriro, came across an article that many of you would read and shout, “Man, ain’t that the truth!” Wryly entitled, “Death To Fillable PDFs And MS Word Forms,” it describes the frustrations many users have working with customizable forms in their Mental Health EHR.

We constantly hear such complaints from behavioral health organizations that, in an effort to become paper free, have found themselves bogged down with electronic forms that are just too hard to manage.

What makes us feel good about the article is that it describes a problem our ClinicTracker customers don’t have to worry about. We designed our own Custom Form Builder that makes it easy to create forms that capture the information you need – and in a way that guarantees data entry that is efficient, accurate, and complete. And because all the data are stored along with the rest of the patient record, you know that it’s always available for you to use in reports, documentation, and compliance audits.

If you’re worried you won’t be able to convert long paper forms to electronic ones without wasting time and damaging or losing critical information, Custom Form Builder guarantees you a better way. Users have extensive control over the design of the form and how it gathers information. You can make forms for any purpose that can be completed by clinicians, staff, or clients.

Don't want to create the forms yourself? No Problem. Our staff are experts in form design and can design them for you!

So, if you, like the author of this article, get that worked up over forms that don’t meet your needs, contact us now.

Want to see ClinicTracker Form Builder in action? Visit us on our YouTube channel. 

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