ClinicTracker EHR allows you to enhance your patient statement processing via partnership with Trizetto.

Patient Statement Service

  • Save time with less effort and paperwork

    Save money - up to 30 cents per statement

    The sooner statements go out, the faster you get paid
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We offer a secure solution for generating and mailing patient statements. Fully integrated into ClinicTracker, it reduces costs, gets bills out quicker, and improves cashflow – all with less effort and paperwork.

Features and Benefits

  • - Once you batch invoices in BillingTracker, send the file to TriZetto with a click of a button
  • - After sending the file, TriZetto will print the statements and send them out
  • - You won't need to spend money on address labels, stamps, printing costs or getting statements in the mail anymore
  • - Save 30 cents per statement because its far more efficient than any other method
  • - Processing patient statements will no longer be you or your staff's responsibility
  • As far as your patients are concerned, they’re getting the bill from you. And they can pay you however they wish: by mailing a check, making an in-person cash or credit card payment, or using the payment features within ClinicTracker's Patient Portal. They get a professional-looking bill that’s always on time and convenient to pay.

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